to cut someone some slack

Idiom Definition

"to cut someone some slack"

to permit someone a degree of flexibility in complying with a schedule, obligation, or deadline;

to relax the rules

Idiom Definition - to cut someone some slack


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to cut someone some slack

Two university students are talking about an assignment ...

Student 1:  "Hey!  Did you hand in your assignment?  It was due yesterday.

Student 2:  "I haven't finished it yet.  I have a meeting with the professor this afternoon.  I'm going to ask him for an extension on the deadline."

Student 1:  "Good luck with that.  Other students have tried to get the professor to cut them some slack but the professor always says that a deadline is a deadline.  He says that if you miss the deadline, you get a zero on your assignment."

Student 1:  "Maybe if you have a good excuse, he will cut you some slack."

Student 2:  "I sure hope so."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to cut someone some slack

Dan is lying on the sofa watching the Sunday afternoon football game when his wife, Gail, asks ...

Gail:  "Have you mowed the lawn yet?  Did you fix the back door?  You said you would repair the washing machine this week."

Dan:  "Cut me some slack please.  It's Sunday afternoon and the game is on."

Gail:  "I cut you slack all week and tomorrow is Monday so this is your day to take care of these things."

Dan:  "Ya.  Alright.  I'll do as you say right after the game."

Gail:  "I think right now would be better.  There isn't a lot of time left in the day."

Dan turns off the TV and gets up from the sofa ...

Dan:  "You really aren't going to cut me any slack, are you?"

to cut someone some slack - Usage:


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to cut someone some slack - Gerund Form:

Cutting another person some slack can show that you sympathize.

to cut someone some slack - Examples:

1)  I cut my neighbor some slack by not calling the police when the music is too loud.

2)  You cut me some slack when you do the dishes for me.

3)  He cuts his boss some slack when he stops complaining about work conditions.

4)  She cuts her husband some slack when she takes out the garbage for him.

5)  The school board cut the teachers some slack when they allowed smoking in the teacher's lounge.

6)  We cut the students some slack when we allow them some free time in class.

7)  You (all) cut yourselves some slack when you take a break.

8)  They cut us some slack when they gave us the first three points in the game.

9)  Those fight sequences weren't his fault, so I'll cut him some slack.

10)  He was also looking straight at us. I'd cut him some slack if he was just unaware of our presence, but no. He saw me.

11)  Let's be charitable and cut him some slack.

12)  Scott Newman's site is new, maybe I should cut them some slack?

13)  They have only been in power for 6 months, cut them some slack.

14)  Younger drivers face an unequal struggle and we are prepared to cut them some slack.

15)  It's Monday so cut me some slack.

16)  I'm not going to be perfect, can you cut me some slack?

17)  Give yourself permission and cut yourself some slack

18)  It's part of life -- cut yourself some slack. Remind yourself that you are a perfectly imperfect version of you.

19) Cut her some slack and embrace her outbursts.  

20)  Cut her some slack and show her more affection.