to cut to the chase

Idiom Definition

"to cut to the chase"

to go directly to the most important matter

Idiom Definition - to cut to the chase


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to cut to the chase

A manager and his boss are talking ...

Boss: How are this month's quotas looking?

Manager:  Well, as you know we have been seeing some slippage in some of the processes as well as some challenges with the supply chain.  When you couple that with the rising rate of absenteeism ...

Boss:  Let me interrupt you there.  Please just cut to the chase and give me the figures.

Manager:  OK.  Quotas are down 12% at this point.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to cut to the chase

A young boy has been misbehaving in his school classroom and causing the teacher a lot of trouble. As a result the boy's parents have been called into the school to discuss the situation with the school principal.

Principal: Thank you for coming in.

Mother: What seems to be the problem?

Principal: Well, your son has been misbehaving in class.  He's been rude to the teacher.  He's been hitting other students.

Father: That's not good.

Principal: No, indeed, it isn't.  As you know, the school has a rather extensive policy on these sorts of behaviors.  In particular, the section on violence and violent behavior is most applicable here.  Although we try to accommodate different behaviors as much as we can, your son's behavior has passed a certain limit that is not tolerable...

Mother:  Excuse me, we both have appointments to get to.  Could you please cut to the chase?

Principal: Certainly.  Your son will be suspended from school for three days.

Father:  Thank you for your time.  We will talk with our son during his suspension.

to cut to the chase - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   744   click for frequency by country

to cut to the chase - Gerund Form:

Cutting to the chase can help make a negotiation more successful.

to cut to the chase - Examples:

1)  Let me cut to the chase. My scenario is as follows: I have custom added fields to filter the ...

2)  When speaking to them, cut to the chase and get to the point.

3)  If "no," it would be better if you would cut to the chase regarding why not, while cutting out the unhelpful sniping.

4)  Mark, why are you wasting our time? Cut to the chase; open the damn box and let us know which autograph you got.

5)  They just want to cut to the chase and get it done.

6)  To cut to the chase, the fundamental point I want to make is ...

7)  Let me attempt to cut to the chase on this issue with what is my own humble opinion.

8)  We'll skip the long story and cut to the chase.

9)  Let's cut to the chase. Public school teachers are no longer Professionals.

10)  If there are sharp disagreements, it is up to us to cut to the chase and discover a common footing.

11)  To the point. I love how you cut to the chase.

12)  It was very powerful. We quickly cut to the chase and focused in on the big and real issues at hand.

13)  Once inside, I cut to the chase; there was no need in making small talk.

14)  A male counterpart will cut to the chase, saying, "That's much too low."

15)  Let's cut to the chase. Yes, it's legal.

16)  We could have cut to the chase much quicker and been even more satisfied.

17)  What Obama needs to do is cut to the chase and not provide background info.

18)  We can simply cut to the chase and narrow it down to two basic and very simple factors.

19)  Let me cut to the chase. Peace is the doctrinal basis and main practical principle of Christianity.

20)  I had trouble finding a reviewer that just cut to the chase and said "look, just do this."