deep pockets

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - deep pockets

"deep pockets"

substantial financial resources


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - deep pockets

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Our little start-up company is floundering. We need a lot of money to develop our revolutionary concept.

Colleague 2: Then we need to find some venture capitalists with deep pockets willing to take a risk.

Colleague 1: And when our product goes to market and is tremendously successful, they will become even richer.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - deep pockets

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I am going to have to move out of this state.

Friend 2: Why is that?

Friend 1: All the taxing authorities in the state are out of control. I simply do not have the deep pockets necessary to live and do business here.

Friend 2: I guess the authorities think we all have a lot of money.

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deep pockets - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for deep pockets.

deep pockets - Examples:

1)  A few super-rich players with very deep pockets are placing huge bets on oil ...

2)  ... campaigns aimed at raising brand awareness big time and in large scale generally require deep pockets. Small businesses tend to get left behind in the spend-a-thon.

3)  ... someday adventurous divers with deep pockets won't be the only ones to visit Titanic.

4)  When you're a big-market team with deep pockets, you can afford to pull the trigger on something huge, ...

5)  ... the low-income people who benefit most from their programs don't have the deep pockets that others have to make their case.

6)  Any advice on how to move into a market dominated by deep pockets like Google and the Yellow pages?

7)  But litigation is a fool's game unless you have very deep pockets and a lot of time to burn.

8)  I'd like to see someone with very deep pockets and some vision develop an OS that has compatibility layers for OTHER operating systems built ...

9)  Using the online fundraising tools these sites provide, you no longer need deep pockets to be a philanthropist.

10)  As a company with enormous resources, powerful connections and deep pockets, you would spare no expense: You would hire the best PR firms, ...

11)  ... the copyright laws have become for the benefit of those with deep pockets, no longer in the best interests of the public. 

12)  It's a small site, clearly with no deep pockets supporting it.

13)  Once again, it would be the men with deep pockets who could afford to cope with the new regulations that came with Repeal. 

14)  ... these groups have relied on the deep pockets of Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson and others from the financial industry to fund their ...

15)  Tens of billions of dollars (grants from the deep pockets of governments) have been wasted in futile efforts to prove that added CO2 caused ...

16)  Even bands being funded by record companies with deep pockets. The reality is nobody but the really big acts can afford to tour with ...

17)  And so the hammer record may never fall unless someone with deep pockets -- a national government or an eccentric billionaire -- decides to pour substantial resources into ...

18)  Celebrities have deep pockets for tucks and tweaks; I, however, do not.

19)  ... while Google has been struggling to monetize its products, it has deep pockets and good people and will probably be able to reinvent themselves rather than die.

20)  The government would have effectively been acting as a big bag with $700B deep pockets to buy loans and make loans.