to do an about face

Idiom Definition

"to do an about face"

to completely change your mind or opinion;

to completely change your direction of travel

Idiom Definition - to do an about face


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to do an about face

Barry has been campaigning for election for the last two months.  One of the big issues that he has been speaking about is his belief in capital punishment for murder.  After two months of getting on his soapbox, Barry realizes that he will lose the election because of his strong beliefs in capital punishment.  With one week to go before the election, Barry changes his opinion completely.  Barry...

does an about face

and starts telling everyone that he does not believe in capital punishment for murder.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to do an about face

I was walking in the park yesterday.  I was watching the birds and enjoying the fresh spring day when I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door of my apartment.  I...

did a quick about face

and made a beeline straight back to my apartment.

to do an about face - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   85   click for frequency by country

to do an about face - Gerund Form:

Doing an about face might cause you to bump the person walking behind you.

to do an about face - Examples:

1)  I do an about face when I totally change my mind.

2)  You do an about face when you look on a map.

3)  He does an about face when he radically changes his opinion.

4)  She does an about face when she realizes that she is wrong.

5)  The dog does an about face when it sees another dog.

6)  We do an about face when we know the referee is correct.

7)  You (all) do about faces after careful study and a complete change of heart.

8)  They do about faces when they lose their courage.

9)  This is a complete about face from the UCI's prior public statements.

10) It was the president's about face on prosecution that kept the news story going. 

11)  Harten called this an about face from previous Canadian government policy.

12)  Following the election, some Republicans appear to have done a complete about face and have embraced social change and diversity.

13) Voter outreach organizations will have to do an about face if the Supreme Court upholds the law. 

14)  In five days that traffic might make an about face and put me on the downward slope of that list.

15) The about face by my husband gave me pause. 

16) If the EPA doesn't do an about face on the permit, then the Great Lakes will suffer a big Strike Two. 

17)  It is strange that they have made such an about face.

18) He suddenly did an about face - re-wrote his book recanting his belief that UFOs were extraterrestrial craft. 

19)  It needs to do an about face before the bills come due or there will be hell to pay.

20)  In fact, Merkel has made a sharp about face and now wants to stop Athens from leaving the Eurozone at all costs.