donkey work

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Idiom Definition - donkey work

"donkey work"

difficult boring work


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - donkey work

A person is being interviewed for an entry-level job ...

Interviewer:  We do have an entry-level position in the warehouse open which I can offer you.

Interviewee:  What does the job involve?

Interviewer:  Mostly hard labor-related tasks like sweeping and keeping the garbage receptacles empty and a good deal of moving heavy boxes and bales.

Interviewee:  Sounds like donkey work but I really need a job so I'll take it, thank you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - donkey work

Two roommates are talking the morning after hosting a party ...

Roommate 1: What are you doing while I'm doing all the donkey work of cleaning up after the party?

Roommate 2:  I'm making calls to plan our next awesome event.

Roommate 1:  So, I have to do all the tedious boring work?

Roommate 2:  Do you want to do the planning?

Roommate 1:  I wouldn't know how.

donkey work - Usage:


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donkey work - Gerund Form:

Doing the donkey work is often the job of the most junior employee.

donkey work - Examples:

1)  First jobs are invariably not all you dreamed of; essentially you're doing the donkey work that no one else wants to do.

2)  These are the trucks which do the donkey work of the distribution industry, hauling goods around the major cities and intrastate in

3)  Looking manually through your Outlook sent items is plain donkey work that you should not be doing.

4)  Kimi didn't seem to be interested in that mundane 'donkey work' he just wanted to drive the wheels off the car.

5)  ... set of arrangements for those at the top and another for those who do the donkey work. The company describes what happened as an "unfortunate set of circumstances".

6)  ... about 5 or 6 who know what they're doing and the rest do the donkey work.

7)  Their job is to do the donkey work, protect their leader, chase down rivals and sacrifice themselves for the common ...

8)  Whilst a lot of the donkey work of finding the literature was avoided as a result, I had to produce ...

9)  Most clubs are run by a few people who are left to do all the donkey work, so clubs should try and find other volunteers, to allow coaches to ...

10)  This is an impossible task if we leave it to ourselves to do all the donkey work.

11)  They will not be wanting to do the donkey work in food processing plants 24/7.

12)  the new firms will have to offer TCs just to get newbies to do the donkey work. Either that or pay professional paralegals a lot more and make it a ...

13)  ... he built a formidable party machine in the city to press flesh and do the donkey work.

14)  ... the people for mugs and have them, more of than not, do the donkey work of cleaning, removing labels, etc., without getting anything for it in ...

15)  ... the usual thing to at least credit the other people who have done all the donkey work!

16)  to place such disposable employees into key positions. They are there to do the donkey work and nothing else.

17)  ... and turned him into an eager and willing workhorse; someone who does all the donkey work.

18)  I fired off emails, he did the donkey work. You can also thank him for all the sweets and crisps and the ...

19)  ... of an Educate Together school that parents do a huge amount of the donkey work, and also have a vital say and role in the running of the ...

20)  ... can make your bread entirely by hand, or get the bread maker to do the donkey work on the dough before you shape the bread yourself and bake it in the ...