(to be) down to earth

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"to be down to earth"

to be practical

Idiom Definition - down to earth


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - down to earth

Sally and Jane are chatting about Sally's new boyfriend, Carl.

Jane:  So, tell me about Carl.  What's he like?

Sally:  He is very practical and reliable.  He drives a fuel efficient car and dresses modestly.  He is focused on his career and makes steady progress with his studies.  He doesn't expect to get rich quick. 

Jane:  He sounds very down to earth.

Sally:  Yes, he is and that is great because after Brad the Dreamer, I could use some calm and quiet reliable strength in my life.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - down to earth

Jim and Frank are talking about the recent huge success of their new business.

Jim:  Amazing, isn't it?  Business has grown by 500% in our first year.

Frank:  I can't believe it.  Maybe it's time to sell some franchises or go public and make even more money.

Jim:  I think the more sensible approach would be to wait.  We need to make sure that our suppliers and our warehousing and distribution teams can handle even more growth.  I think we should work on perfecting our current system and revisit any further expansion plans when everything is under control - say one year from now.

Frank:  That's a great down-to-earth solution.  Thanks, Jim, I can be a bit of a dreamer and I need your practicality.

Jim:  No problem.  That's what friends are for.

to be down to earth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,215   click for frequency by country

to be down to earth - Gerund Form:

Being down to earth, though practical and reliable, can be a little boring sometimes.

to be down to earth - Examples:

1)  Hurzeler delivers his career success tips in a down to earth, practical and humor-laden manner.

2)  He writes in a down to earth manner, always defining his terms and giving examples that are accessible to laymen.

3)  From the get-go, I had a goal to remain down to earth and not change who I am in order to become successful in show business.

4)  She was the nicest, most down to Earth person, and her daughter was a total sweetheart.

5)  They are so down to earth and care about their fans so much. 

6)  I can say that he was fairly down to earth and seemingly shy.

7)  She has a very down to earth way of writing that both parents and professionals can understand.

8) It's nice to see how down to earth and humble my co-workers are based on money conversations. 

9)  She seems so down to earth and for the most part has stayed out of the public eye.

10)  Sterner's tone is also very down to earth and easy to understand without the use of any pretentious words. 

11)  I support my artistic aspirations with more down to earth practical and technical expertise.

12)  This group is designed for realist, people who are down to earth and honest, and authentic, if you will.

13)  She is a very down to earth author who knows just how to relate to women's inner selves.

14)  Most down to earth people I know don't go around using complicated words.

15)  He's a down to earth, regular, nice guy who is very passionate about whatever he does.

16)  Krishna's teachings are down to earth and practical.

17)  Everything about American politics needs to come down to earth.

18)  I like Joseline as well, she is very down to earth, she is funny, and she knows she is not perfect.

19)  I would have expected more pragmatism, more down to Earth realism, Hashem.

20)  The initial, hysterical boom subsided, and eco-horror came down to earth