down to the wire

Idiom Definition

"down to the wire"

the very last moment possible

Idiom Definition - down to the wire


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - down to the wire

Janice has had a very busy day at work.

She has worked until the very last minute that she could.

Janice has to pick up her children from soccer practice in fifteen minutes.

It takes fifteen minutes to drive to soccer practice.

Janice is down to the wire.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - down to the wire

Fred has ten minutes to submit his application for promotion.

He is working as fast as he can but he is really down to the wire to submit his application.

down to the wire - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,224   click for frequency by country

down to the wire - Gerund Form:

Going down to the wire means that if there is a mistake that there will be no time to recover.

down to the wire - Examples:

1)  Yesterdays game for example, still down to the wire, and it could have gone either way.

2)  And with this election, all bets are off; its coming down to the wire and folks are frightened.

3)  And, we all know we are down to the wire on two milestones that simply can't slip.

4)  Now it comes down to the wire. Your soon-to-be-client had agreed to hire you, conditional on price.

5)  This thing is going to go right down to the wire. I'm cautiously optimistic about it.

6)  This has the feel of a tight title battle right down to the wire, and it's obviously great.

7)  Could it be that some of these decisions were really down to the wire? Hard to imagine that being true.

8)  Formula One season had been all over the place and was coming down to the wire.

9)   It's going to be very, very close - down to the wire.

10)  When it comes right down to the wire, the fact is... it isn't the government's fault

11)  I've done that a couple of times, when things were down to the wire.

12)  But like I said, down to the wire, last ditch effort.

13)  Several high profile races are coming down to the wire, and business owners from coast-to-coast are on the edges of their seats.

14)  Hamlin has come right down to the wire with great chances to win the championship in two of the past three seasons.

15)  Wow we are really getting down to the wire with only 2,156 fish in the sea.

16)  In a tight game all the way down to the wire, the Thunder managed to pull ahead.

17)  It will be a fun game to watch and I suspect it will go down to the wire.

18)  Also, lately I've been absolutely cutting my morning time down to the wire.

19)  It still needs a little bit more and is right down to the wire. Less than a day left!

20)  Spaces are limited so don't hesitate now that we're down to the wire.