to drive into the ground

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - drive into the ground

"to drive into the ground"

1) to force someone to work so hard or so much that they become ill or exhausted and cannot work anymore

2) to use or ill-use something so much that it becomes inoperable, ruined or destroyed

3) to pursue a topic until it has been thoroughly discussed or exhausted to the point that no one wants to hear any more


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - drive into the ground

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Where is Sarah today?

Colleague 2: She is off sick.

Colleague 1: No wonder she got ill. The boss has been driving her into the ground for the past several months.

Colleague 2: I agree. No one could work eighty and ninety hour weeks and not become exhausted or break down.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - drive into the ground

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How long have you owned your car now? Twelve years?

Friend 2: More like almost fifteen.

Friend 1: When are you going to buy a new one?

Friend 2: After I have drive this one into the ground. There is still lots of life left in it. I figure I can drive it for another five years, at least, before it is no longer feasible to maintain it.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - drive into the ground

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Oh, no. Here comes Larry again. No doubt he is going to continue to bore us to death with his great new idea.

Colleague 2: Having talked about it at great length three times already, and discovering that the idea wouldn't work anyways, I just don't think I can stand to hear about it again.

Colleague 1: Larry does like to drive an idea into the ground.

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to drive into the ground - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   128   click for frequency by country

to drive into the ground - Gerund Form:

Driving their employees into the ground, the company found that it always had a high turnover rate.

Driving his car into the ground, by not caring for it properly, was common practice for him.

Driving her idea into the ground did not help to move her cause forward.

to drive into the ground - Examples:

1)  ... to binge on food, get into disastrous relationships, or drive themselves into the ground until they are completely burned out. Why?

2)  ... and has no idea what they're doing and they drive it into the ground

3)  I proceeded to work long hours, too, and started to drive myself into the ground.

4)  ... about the 'hard work' and intelligence of people who drive companies into the ground through intelligence and make ordinary worker's lives precarious and miserable.

5)  I just know all of those girls will drive themselves into the ground and give anything for us to win. 

6)  ... feel we need to be all things to our children and drive ourselves into the ground.

7)  The illegals, the poor, the unions have all drive California into the ground

8)  Corrupt politicians and bankers have drive us into the ground, and we're struggling to get back up off our knees.

9)  I like my TouchPads and Pre3 very much and will drive them into the ground before moving on.

10)  He drove NSW into the ground and left via the back door before the whole thing imploded.

11)  ... recovering from chronic fatigue and between that and racing obligations drove himself into the ground.

12)  They drove them into the ground because it was cheaper than prematurely replacing the fleet with buses.

13)  Defeat by a far superior team who drove us into the ground because we were chasing the ball rather than retaining possession.

14)  They drove him into the ground, broke him and sent him back.

15)  ... the first lot of privatisations -- they asset stripped them, drove them into the ground, and then sold them when they'd been bled dry.

16)  The blue states like California are broke and driving themselves into the ground with entitlement programs.

17)  ... to have realistic expectations about what you can achieve rather than driving yourself into the ground

18)  To avoid driving yourself into the ground, learn to sometimes say no to those requests and commitments that are less than ...

19)  It may mean driving yourself into the ground with a weekend job or going further into debt. 

20)  ... through each day non-stop like a busy fool going nowhere only driving yourself into the ground, shortening your life and making yourself ill.