to drop a bombshell

Idiom Definition

"to drop a bombshell"

to announce or reveal something that very much changes a situation

Idiom Definition - to drop a bombshell


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to drop a bombshell

Recently, Steve came out the closet when he finally understood that he was gay.  Now, Steve wants to meet with his old girlfriend, Barbara, to announce the big news.  Steve knows that this information will come as a big surprise to Barbara.  Steve is unsure of how...

to drop this bombshell.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to drop a bombshell

Helen is a successful business woman.  She definitely has her act together.  She has a great life with a great family.  The last thing Helen expected was to be fired from work.  Helen thought that everything was going very well at work.  Helen did not know that the company she was working for was purchased by another company and that major changes were occurring.  Helen simply did not know how she was going to tell her family about this extreme change.  Helen knew that she would be...

dropping a bombshell.

Helen did not know what kind of reactions her family would express.  Helen did not know what the future would bring.

to drop a bombshell - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   149   click for frequency by country

to drop a bombshell - Gerund Form:

Dropping a bombshell can cause some interesting reactions from other people.

to drop a bombshell - Examples:

1)  I drop a bombshell when I suddenly announce that I am moving far away.

2)  You drop a bombshell when you quit your job with no notice.

3)  He drops a bombshell when he gives completely unexpected news.

4)  She drops a bombshell when she tells her husband she wants a divorce.

5)  The company drops a bombshell every time it cuts prices.

6)  We drop a bombshell when we concede the final game.

7)  You (all) drop bombshells when you (all) decide to go on the wagon.

8)  They drop bombshells when they decide to quit smoking cold turkey.

9)  Anthony Watmough has dropped a bombshell by revealing he took the controversial drug Stilnox.

10)  Subaru have dropped a bombshell on their dealers with the launch of their new sports car-the BRZ.

11)  He then dropped a bombshell by announcing that he was quitting McLaren.

12)  Anthony's own lawyers dropped a bombshell which rocked the entire trial when they accused her father of sexually abusing her.

13)  Days before the wedding rehearsal Burris dropped a bombshell: he had undergone a vasectomy prior to their meeting. Karen was dumbfounded.

14)  To my greatest surprise, he dropped a bombshell. He said he knew all these years that he was not the biological father.

15)  James Bond hunk Daniel Craig dropped a bombshell last night by revealing he's ready to quit the 007 movies.

16)  Annie wins the case against Angus but drops a bombshell announcing her contract in Emu Springs is up in eight weeks.

17)  Fred drops a bombshell on Stuart... he wants to buy back the pub.

18)  When someone drops a bombshell into a conversation, everyone goes quiet for an instant.

19)  If someone drops a bombshell, they announce something that changes a situation drastically and unexpectedly.

20)  Once a decade, Charles Murray drops a bombshell book on American intellectual life.