to drown your sorrows

Idiom Definition

"to drown your sorrows"

to try to counteract feelings of sadness by consuming alcohol - in the hopes of becoming so inebriated that the cause of the sadness is forgotten

Idiom Definition - to drown your sorrows


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to drown your sorrows

A friend has just arrived at another friend's apartment ...

Friend 1:  I heard you lost your job.

Friend 2:  Yes. I'm very sad.

Friend 1: It's a good thing I brought some beer. 

Friend 2: Excellent.  Now I can drown my sorrows.

Friend 1:  Good idea.  You can drink and forget your troubles.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to drown your sorrows

Meet Joe.

Joe has just lost his job.

The bank is repossessing his house.

Joe's wife has decided she wants a divorce.

Joe was very sad.

Joe has been drowning his sorrows with a great quantity of beer.

Now Joe is feeling better.

to drown your sorrows - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   282   click for frequency by country

to drown your sorrows - Gerund Form:

Drowning one's sorrows with alcohol usually doesn't work.

to drown your sorrows - Examples:

1)  After all, you drink when you need to drown your sorrows or in some other way deal with reality.

2)  Scream abuse at a TV screen. Drown your sorrows in cheap lager.

3)  Go find the most absurd comedy clips online, and drown your sorrows in this ridiculously cute example.

4)  You can't drown your sorrows, Timothy. You must face them boldly like a man.

5) Best thing you can do is grab a piece of delicious cheesecake and drown your sorrows in yummy goodness. 

6)  You can very easily drown your sorrows and think to yourself " what's the point? "

7)  Did they drown their sorrows in drink and tense up every time they met someone named Desmond? No.

8)  The losers will drown their sorrows and mutter darkly about how they'll have their day at the Oscars.

9)  Contrary to the myth that people go out and drown their sorrows, the truth is that beer drinkers are pretty responsible people.

10)  Increasingly, they can drown their sorrows by plunging into elaborate boxed sets that celebrate teams and even stadiums.

11)  I tried to buy them a drink so they could drown their sorrows after Fredy Montero and Eddie Johnson tallied the winning scores, but they declined.

12)  I like to drown my sorrows quite a lot.

13)  I went out for a beer this evening to drown my sorrows.

14)  I believe that I will drown my sorrows in a glass or two of wine in celebration of the success.

15) My sister and her friends only make it worse making me drown my sorrows in food. 

16)  So I at least had the candy to drown my sorrows in.

17)  Off the liquor store he goes again to drown his sorrows.

18)  We shared a good bottle of wine to drown his sorrows.

19)  Disenchanted, he went on many journeys to Montego Bay to drown his sorrows in the town taverns.

20)  He can sit at home, drown his sorrows in Jack Daniels, avoid phone calls from his friends and family, and mourn.