to duck in

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - duck in

"to duck in"

to quickly enter a location, often staying only a very short time


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - duck in

Two colleagues are chatting on their was to the cafeteria ...

Colleague 1:  Listen. There's the boss's office. I just need to duck in for a minute to ask him a quick question.

Colleague 2:  Alright.  I'll see you in the cafeteria shortly.

Colleague 1:  Sure.  Won't be long.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - duck in

Two friends are talking in a mall ...

Friend 1:  Where's Carl?

Friend 2:  He ducked in for a coffee.

Friend 1:  We don't want to be late for the movie.

Friend 2:  Carl will be here in a minute. Don't worry.

to duck in - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,111   click for frequency by country

to duck in - Gerund Form:

Ducking in to the coffee shop, she emerged a couple of minutes later and we kept walking to work.

to duck in - Examples:

1)  We were enjoying the vibe of Darling street, the children had ducked in to a toy shop with Granny Max and G.

2)  You could barely move out of the exits. So I ducked in to Nespresso and picked up some coffee pods I needed anyway and ran out ...

3)  It was Omotesando Hills, and we had only ducked in to look for a matcha shaved ice.

4)  But the few diurnal drinkers who have ducked in to seek reprieve from the brutal mid-afternoon sun with a cold beer or six ...

5)  ... you might be able to duck in to that fantastic exhibition on your way to work in the morning.

6)  ... employees duck in to grab a few minutes of equanimity in between their meetings.

7)  I circumnavigated Comino in an anti-clockwise direction ducking in to some of the pretty little bays on the northern side of the island ...

8)  We enjoyed a little of it all ducking in to drink or food shops along the way to warm up or fill our ...

9)  ... if you have access to a supermarket -- just duck in for a bag of washed lettuce, some canned fish and a lemon and ...

10)  On this occasion, it was a cold night and we decided to duck in for a quick drink to warm up.

11)  Where can a latch-key kid duck in for a favor among safe neighborhood storekeepers?

12)  We saw a bus stop up ahead and ducked in for cover.

13)  So the next time President Clinton ducks in for his decaf, these folks can probably give him some advice on anticipating ...

14)  ... on the particular problem being solved - if you have residents who are ducking in for 5 mins, but not with their pass?

15)  It is not unusual to see people duck in quickly to pick up their takeaway pizzas throughout the night.

16)  ... before I saw the runway lights and was able to duck in at the last minute.

17)  A quick duck in after work or on Thursday (late night shopping) also allows men the ...

18)  Not too long ago I ducked in late at night as it started to rain.

19)  How much food should you prepare if your guests are going to be ducking in and out, not necessarily stopping for a full meal?

20)  I'm ducking in and out between misty showers, trying to build the glasshouse.