ear candy

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - ear candy

"ear candy"

kind words that praise and encourage


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - ear candy

"ear candy"

music or sound that has instant appeal but no lasting value


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ear candy

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We keep working hard and performing well. It sure would be nice to receive some recognition.

Colleague 2:  Well, the boss does praise us highly.

Colleague 1:  That's just ear candy.  How about a nice bonus as well?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ear candy

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  What's that music?

Friend 2:  It's just the latest tune from that popular group.

Friend 1:  Which group is that?

Friend 2:  I can't remember but they do produce some very nice ear candy, the kind of tune that sticks in your head.

Friend 1:  Not very lasting, though, is it, that sort of music?

ear candy - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   51   click for frequency by country

ear candy - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for ear candy.

ear candy - Examples:

1)  ... you got ta make people show commitment and not just want some ear candy.

2)  A recent study by the University of Greenwich's Business School found that ear candy can actually be demotivating in certain ...

3)  ... which surprised many, with first choice Jason Davidson left on the bench, but the debutant did himself proud, earning ear candy from the boss.

4)  Flexible working hours, a good night's sleep, and ear candy from the boss are the 'holy trinity' of cost-free ways to boost productivity, research finds.

5)  Two-goal hero Wayne Rooney was also the focus of ear candy from the boss who was happy to see the forward take up a more attacking position ...

6)  the uniformed officers standing in front of the fence, hoping that some quick ear candy from the boss will lift the spirits of demoralized personnel.

7)  ... application of musical cascades and original compositions shed new light to the term ear candy.

8)  Good are two recent recordings that have been released to radio. The sugar-coated ear candy with a strong message ...

9)  iMovie gives you lots of ways to add a little ear candy to your projects. Add background music and fun sound effects from the iMovie library ...

10)  Ear candy backing vocals contrast with a deadpan lead, in a call and response that strides ...

11)  ... of swirling, analogue ambience with strident, stirring melodies, it's beautiful ear candy.

12)  ... tracks that could easily have sounded way too crowded, with way too much ear candy, and the key to making sure ...

13)  ... always critical if the sound of some of the? ear candy? elements of the mix change when heard in mono: listen carefully in stereo ...

14)  ... they clunk out drums, splutter funk guitar and twirl noise-loops into pleasing ear candy.

15)  ... the lead singer. You can listen to this as nice meandering piece of ear candy, which it done brilliantly.

16)  ... is real fun to sing and I think the banjo gives it some added ear candy. Lyrically, the words are so over the top romantic that it could've ...

17)  ... guitar and I thought Mitchell's melodica idea gave it a nice piece of ear candy.

18)  ... which is basically the end of their creative oeuvre, everything else after was ear candy and product placement... SteelyDan being the product.

19)  'Wanna Be Startin' Something', Jones was filling speakers was ear candy that left most of his competitors choking on his dust. A song with such ...

20)  Yum to the wine, yum to the food and yum to the ear candy we were lucky enough to catch. There were a number of bands playing that ...