ear to the ground

Idiom Definition

"ear to the ground"

describes the process of remaining vigilant in the acquisition of information in order to discover hidden, secret or extra information

Idiom Definition - ear to the ground


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ear to the ground

Two middle level managers are talking at work ...

Manager 1:  Have you heard about the re-structuring that is going to happen?

Manager 2:  I've heard rumors but nothing specific.  Upper management is keeping the whole process a secret

Manager 1:  Well, I think we need to keep our ears to the ground so that we can learn as much as we can.

Manager 2:  Agreed.  I'll keep my ears open.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ear to the ground

Two parents are talking about their teenage daughter ...

Mom:  Have you noticed that Jennifer is acting differently?

Dad:  Yes.  What's going on?

Mom:  Well, she is a teenager and they can be moody at times but this seems more than that.

Dad:  OK.  You keep your ear to the ground.  I'll keep mine to the ground and maybe we can discover some clues to her behavior.

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"ear to the ground"

Sunday Fun Idiom - ear to the ground

ear to the ground - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   379   click for frequency by country

ear to the ground - Gerund Form:

Keeping your ear to the ground could be a great way to gather information.

ear to the ground - Examples:

1)  The government has its ear to the ground in order to learn valuable trade information.

2)  Have you been keeping your ear to the ground ever since the announcement was made?

3)  We were keeping our ears to the ground until termination notices were handed out.

4)  During the day I keep my ear to the ground and I am often surprised at how critical we are of other people's appearances.

5)  Shouldn't your reporters have had their ear to the ground low enough to figure this out earlier.

6)  We don't think anyone had a meeting but we keep our ear to the ground.

7)  My advice would be to keep your ear to the ground for a while, don't just jump in because the feature is new.

8)  I kept an ear to the ground -- after all one of their co-founders works at my trust.

9) There are loads of things to do if you keep your ear to the ground, and much of it is free, too. 

10) Keep your ear to the ground and ask around your local club for recommendations too. 

11)  I have an ear to the ground and book bands that people are talking about.

12)  Our commentators constantly have their ear to the ground -- but some sources are better than others.

13)  Keep an ear to the ground for calls for papers. Emerald always publishes these on the journal website.

14)  They are the business foot soldiers - with the ear to the ground who can forewarn management about impending enemy campaigns.

15)  I have my ear to the ground for how other people have done this kind of work before.

16)  Anyone with an ear to the ground in the chemicals industry has pretty much accepted that shale gas is a game changer.

17)  Keep your ear to the ground at the local hill and talk to the guy in charge of the equipment.

18)  They are "Johnny on the spot", with their ears to the ground, so as to figure out where the best deals are.

19)  We'll be keeping our ears to the ground at Partner Engage to hear whether Symantec's intentions have been put into action.

20)  Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open. Make friends and contacts. It will pay off.