ears turn red

Idiom Definition

"ears turn red"

to feel embarrassment or shame

Idiom Definition - ears turn red


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - ears turn red

Michael was enjoying a nice walk in the park.  He stopped at a fountain for a drink of water.  He was watching an overweight man who was ordering a hot dog from a street vendor.  The fat man was paying for his hot dog when he accidentally dropped the money on the ground.  As the big man was bending over to pick up his money, his pants stretched so tightly that..."R-R-R-I-I-I-P" went his pants.  Michael could see the fat man's underwear.

"The poor man with the ripped pants was so embarrassed that his ears turned red."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - ears turn red

Patricia was telling her friend Nancy about riding the bus on her way home from work recently.  She had been sitting behind two men who were loudly talking about their recent visits to their doctors.  The men were sharing some very personal medical details about their intimate body parts.  Patricia told Susan...

"I was so embarrassed that my ears turned red!"

In this case, the men were not embarrassed or uncomfortable.  Patricia was embarrassed overhearing intimate details about strangers.

Sunday Fun Idiom

"ears turn red"

Sunday Fun Idiom - ears turn red

ears turn red - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   5   click for frequency by country

ears turn red - Gerund Form:

Having your ears turn red can be a indication of feeling embarrassed.

ears turn red - Examples:

1)  My ears turn red when I feel shame.

2)  Your ears turn red when you are embarrassed.

3)  His ears turn red when he is ashamed.

4)  Her ears turn red when she feels embarrassment.

5)  Our ears turn red when we drop the ball in the middle of a game.

6)  Your ears turn red if you (all) need to speak in public.

7)  Their ears turn red when they trip and fall.

8)  Look at me when I'm talking to you. When my ears turn red watch out.

9)  Do not lie to me. I can tell when you are lying--your ears turn red and your eyes run away.

10)  I laughed as the tips of Niall's ears turned red and he shook his head in disbelief.

11) Right after that his face and ears turned red

12)  Are her ears turning red as we speak?

13)  Were his ears turning red when the man ripped his pants?

14)  Had her ears turned red before his pants finished ripping?

15)  The veins in Mikey's neck bulge and his ears turn red as he gives it a third go.

16)  This is what he does when he gets nervous, he giggles. His ears turn red, too.

17)  He could be stubborn in getting his way and lose a temper that would make his lips tremble and ears turn red.

18)  Her ears are going to have been turning red for several minutes before it is over.

19)  So we can produce until our ears turn red but if our Government is structured globally all of our national resources just go to enrich China.

20)  I’m not sure why, but somehow watching someone’s ears turn red because they have been told that a cherished belief regarding their own superiority in the world is incorrect makes me laugh.