to eat like a bird

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - eat like a bird

"to eat like a bird"

to eat very little


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - eat like a bird

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Karen always looks so good. She is always trim and thin and in good shape. What do you think her secret is?

Colleague 2:  Have you ever seen her eating in the cafeteria?  She eats very little.

Colleague 1:  Ah.  So her secret is that she eats like a bird.

Colleague 2:  And probably exercises as well.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - eat like a bird

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I used to worry a lot about Grant when he was a boy. He would hardly eat anything.

Friend 2:  I suppose a mother wants her son to eat robustly.

Friend 1:  I always asked the doctor why Grant ate like a bird but the doctor said that as long as Grant remained healthy that I shouldn't worry.

to eat like a bird - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   33   click for frequency by country

to eat like a bird - Gerund Form:

Eating like a bird is a fashion model's method of remaining thin.

to eat like a bird - Examples:

1)  This restaurant was definitely for those that eat like a bird, and as I'm decidedly non-avian, I was still relatively hungry afterwards.

2)  But if you work like a horse and eat like a bird, something is bound to happen. The appetite suppressant cuts your cravings ...

3)  I eat like a bird but the pounds just pile on!

4)  I really messed up my metabolism in the process and have to eat like a bird.

5)  ... tell me that I either shouldn't be eating it or eat like a bird for the next 2 meals.

6)  For breakfast I have a half a grapefruit. People say I eat like a bird.

7)  Elizabeth Kadetsky found herself running for hours every day, eating like a bird, and suffering from an excruciating but mysterious pain in her chest.

8)  Try eating like a bird and you WILL lose weight!

9)  Secondly, unless you are eating like a bird (not recommended), your weight loss process will be painfully slow without exercise ...

10)  ... don't understand how she can have a high cholesterol when she eats like a bird.

11)  Someone who eats like a bird eats very little.

12)  That man eats like a bird, just little nibbles here and there.

13)  Well I ate like a bird when I was pregnant and smoked a lot so as not to eat too much.

14)  ... she bought a girdle. She ate like a bird. She did what she could do to assure that I would be as small ...

15)  ... say they are " so full ", when they have clearly eaten like a bird?

16)  For a woman who eats like a bird and never entertains, she has enough service to open a restaurant.

17)  The guy eats like a bird. He has one tall kitchen bag of garbage a week.

18)  As a woman who eats like a bird, my supermarket bill went up threefold when I became part of a couple.

19)  Sometimes my daughter will eat so much and other times she eats like a bird.

20)  Taylor has dropped 10 pounds. She'll put a few scoops in a smoothie in the morning, then she eats like a bird all day long!