to eat your words

Idiom Definition

"to eat your words"

to publicly admit that something you said was wrong

Idiom Definition - to eat your words


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to eat your words

Victor and Bruce are out test driving the race car they have been working on.  The car is not running well.  The two teenage boys stop the car.  They raise the hood and are looking in the engine compartment for the cause of the trouble ...

Victor:  What do you suppose the problem is?

Bruce:  I'm not sure, but let's have a look.

Victor:  Look, there's a loose spark plug wire, plain as day.  That is definitely the problem.

Bruce:   I think you're wrong

The two boys fix the spark plug wire but the car is still not running well.

Now, Victor must eat his words.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to eat your words

Stan and Johnny are talking about the upcoming release of a new video game ...

Johnny:  I'm going to be the first person in line at the video store on Monday.

Stan:   Do you really believe that the game will be released on time?

Johnny:  I'd be willing to bet on it!

Stan:    But the company has postponed the release three times already.

Johnny:  Not this time. 

Stan:  I think you will be eating your words come Monday morning.

to eat your words - Usage:


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to eat your words - Gerund Form:

Eating your words can be an embarrassing situation.

to eat your words - Examples:

1)  I eat my words when I am mistaken.

2)  You eat your words when you are proven wrong.

3)  He eats his words when reality differs from his opinion.

4)  She eats her words when she realizes she is wrong about her opinion.

5)  The government eats its words when its prediction proves to be incorrect.

6)  We eat our words when the other team wins.

7)  You (all) eat your words when you boast too much.

8)  They eat their words when they speak before thinking.

9)  He may make me eat my words, but he still has to do it.

10)  And now, on the first real day of fall weather, I must eat my words. This morning was genuinely cold.

11)  I'd be delighted if he makes me eat my words one day though.

12)  The Bombers continue to impress and Karmichael Hunt is making plenty of critics eat their words

13)  All those doomsayers out there are going to have to eat their words.

14) He's determined to make his critics eat their words

15)  Several so-called prophets who had to later eat their words appeared before my mind's eye.

16)  Let him stay, he better play hard and if we win something he can eat his words.

17)  He needs to eat his words, they are hurtful and not at all OK!

18)  Give a scientific reference that says that, or eat your words.

19)  If you eat your words, you accept publicly that you were wrong about something you said.

20)  Don't believe me? Well, what if I make you eat your words when you have a couple of grand sitting in your bank account tonight.