(to be) economical with the truth

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - economical with the truth

"(to be) economical with the truth"

to avoid stating the facts, lie, deceive or deliberately withhold all of the information available


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - economical with the truth

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  So? Did the boss admit that the company is going bankrupt?

Colleague 2:  The boss did admit that there may be some trouble. He said that the company would have to make some budget cuts and, perhaps, lay off several people.

Colleague 1:  I think the boss is being economical with the truth. He believes that people would panic if they knew the truth.

Colleague 2:  I can tell you that when I walked in to the boss's office that I caught a glimpse of him working on his resume.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - economical with the truth

A man is consulting his doctor ...

Man:  Is it really not that bad, doctor?

Doctor:  There are a couple of indications that we would like to check out further.

Man:  No need to be economical with the truth. Please just tell me what is going on.

Doctor:  OK. The preliminary tests all indicate that you have cancer but we can not be sure without further tests.

Man:  Thank you for the full truth. Now I can prepare myself.

(to be) economical with the truth - Usage:


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(to be) economical with the truth - Gerund Form:

Being economical with the truth is standard practice for politicians.

(to be) economical with the truth - Examples:

1)  ... resort to the second, rather sneakier method, which is simply to be "economical with the truth"!

2)  ... looks highly overrated, and we quickly learn the value and power of being economical with the truth in relationships. Many women also develop a habit of secrecy ...

3)  ... involved are not inclined to disclose it (or indeed may be inclined to be economical with the truth).

4)  ... and central bankers -- are no longer merely "economical with the truth" they have taken to outright lying, aided and abetted by ...

5)  Of course he is within his rights to be economical with the truth in the middle of a delicate negotiation and ...

6)  ... knows such and such a statement is effectively a lie anyway. Call it being economical with the truth but it amounts to them not saying what has actually happened regardless ...

7)  ... law to carry on rigid checks on all new staff. If you have been economical with the truth you are almost certain to be found out during these strict screening ...

8)  Either they are cheating by being economical with the truth or they are cheating by ratting on their party once they are ...

9)  It's that when issues are raised and you get an answer that is economical with the truth, trust is broken.

10)  If I'm feeling generous, PP would seem to have been very economical with the truth rather than an out and out liar.

11)  Look at why you think he was economical with the truth. Embarrassment? Shame? Confusion?

12)  Some even sought to be highly economical with the truth, failing to disclose the true extent of their budgetary slippages.

13)  What are the rights and wrongs of being "economical with the truth" when telling patients about their medical condition? How much should ...

14)  The current league table, although on occasion might be economical with the truth, very rarely does it tell a bare faced lie.

15)  ... be bending the truth. Some people just can't resist the urge to be economical with the truth on their internet dating profiles. It's generally about small things ...

16)  What I implied was that I think you were and are being economical with the truth. I will reserve the right to be highly skeptical that you ...

17)  I've never lied to my wife. I have on occasion been economical with the truth, but I've never lied.

18)  Another reminder that lying, or being economical with the truth, can land you in hot water when it comes to ...

19)  Has the marketing been a little economical with the truth? Could it be just a false pretenses to get all ...

20)  ... start to dodge, weave and pretend not to lie, or be fundamentally economical with the truth