egg on your face

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - egg on your face

"egg on your face"

to be or appear to be embarrassed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - egg on your face

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I was so absolutely sure that the product would be extremely successful.

Colleague 2:  And after the company invested a great deal of resources into the product only to see it fail, how do you feel?

Colleague 1:  Terrible. And having egg on my face is not the greatest either. I can only wonder what the rest of the office thinks of me.

Colleague 2:  I suppose feeling a little embarrassment is natural but at least you pursued the idea with passion in the first place.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - egg on your face

Two teammates are talking after just having lost a championship game ...

Teammate 1:  I can't believe that I missed catching that pop-fly.

Teammate 2:  And it cost us the game and the championship. The egg on your face will not soon fade.

Teammate 1:  I know. And it was such an easy catch. I feel ashamed that I let my team down so badly, not to mention the embarrassment of getting hit in the head with the ball. Such a rookie move.

egg on your face - Usage:


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egg on your face - Gerund Form:

Having egg on his face because of being unprepared, he simply shut up and sat down in shame.

egg on your face - Examples:

1)  ... full recovery is possible, but hopefully he can be rehabilitated to blogging once the egg on his face has been removed.

2)  ... reasonable grasp of the facts. Anyone who blares water-cooler conjecture is likely to have egg on his face.

3)  ... instead made a series of bizarre conjectures which have left him with a lot of egg on his face.

4)  The West Ham man was left with egg on his face as Clint Dempsey's shot squeezed past him, and silenced the ...

5)  Good to see a scammer getting egg on his face, but what do we learn from these stories?

6)  They know how to advertise themselves first and then you can be left with egg on your face when you inadvertently promote Business lessons from the Dalai Lama when you ...

7)  ... go wrong, and that's how you end up with the biggest blob of egg on your face.

8)  ... merely jumping the gun. There is a chance that you could end up with egg on your face if this large scale treatment fails, ...

9)  So instead of walking out with a big fat check you walk out with egg on your face looking like an idiot because you had nowhere to go in the ...

10)  ... and I bet you don't publish any responses for fear of egg on your face.

11)  Because they wont admit that they're wrong. They all have egg on their face and some combination of stubbornness and pride prevents them from now doing ...

12)  ... that's the end of it, and the person who made the mistake has egg on their face

13)  In the mean time they are investigated by the very people with egg on their face for falling for the dodgy figure in the first place.

14)  ... and provide high quality apps, a lot of Windows haters could end up with egg on their face. Can windows phone 8 run pretty much everything that the ...

15)  Only for them to end up with egg on their face as they admitted poverty prevented them from paying market value for the ...

16)  ... confident that the idea would work and that I wouldn't end up with egg on my face. In the interests of spreading the financial and reputational risk, ...

17)  ... how have I been proved so wrong and left with egg on my face!

18)  And at least I didn't say it was fact and end up with egg on my face, bit like you, mine was simple forgetfulness, ...

19)  I know its early days and I could end up with egg on my face but this team have the makings of the real deal.

20)  ... thank goodness I spotted the hoax myself before someone else got the opportunity to put egg on my face!