to egg on

Idiom Definition

"to egg on"

to push someone to do something

Idiom Definition - to egg on


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to egg on

Some friends are out drinking and having a good time ...

Friend 1:  Hey, look at Joe. I think he's had a little too much to drink.

Friend 2:  Maybe, but he always does funny things when he drinks too much.

Friend 1:  Like what? 

Friend 2:  Like dancing on the table and making a fool of himself.

Friend 1:  Really?

Friend 2:  Sure,  Watch.  We just need to egg him on. Hey Joe!  Looking good, man!  Why don't you give us a table dance.

Joe:  I don't know.

Friend 2:  Please.  It's so much fun.

Friend 1:  Ya, Joe.  You're famous and I've never seen you dance.

Joe:  Oh, OK.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to egg on

Two parents are talking about their daughter ...

Father:  Chrissy seems to be losing interest in playing the cello.

Mother:  She used to be so enthusiastic.

Father:  Perhaps we just need to give her a little more encouragement.

Mother:  I suppose we could egg her on a little when she practices, show we appreciate her effort.

Father:  Yes, let's do that.


to egg on - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,214   click for frequency by country

to egg on - Gerund Form:

Egging someone on is sometimes not a nice thing to do.

to egg on - Examples:

1)  Why not egg them on, and make a grander ceremony of it, not less?

2)  Of course, mentally disfigured idiots egg them on instead, fighting those damned Israelis to the last Palestinian.

3)  The problem is that people like you egg them on and then they get hurt.

4)  I also mean to write to other chocolate producers and egg them on to go Fairtrade.

5)  Of course parents and coaches are going to egg them on.

6)  The loud cries from the boundary lines are simply enough to' egg them on'.

7)  Guys don't grow a brain until they're 30, so don't egg them on, particularly when they've got the happy juice in them.

8)  And an enthusiastic crowd to egg them on... made it a really enjoyable gig.

9)  Egg them on to throw temper tantrums.

10)  A bit more practice and you'll have it sorted. Egg him on

11)  Maybe his readers egg him on too much?

12)  His two guides egg him on and say he will not die if he goes through.

13)  Occasionally he would give a slight sigh, but he would often egg him on.

14)  Moyles was renowned for his work with childish sycophants, who would egg him on to commit unspeakable acting up.

15)  The crowd likes that one and they laugh and egg him on.

16)  Our job for the next two years is to egg him on, to act more outrageously than the day before.

17)  And I'm a terrible cheerleader. I can't egg you on. I just can't. My heart's not in it.

18)  Some people may naturally express their own discontentment, and may egg you on to agree with them.

19)  Something as basic as that can egg you on. Slowly, you need to get into a routine.

20)  Think of me as your guardian angel; be cautious of those who may egg you on for their own ends.