to end on a high note

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - end on a high note

"to end on a high note"

to finish a discussion or interaction with something positive even though the interaction may have been negative


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - end on a high note

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How did the negotiations go yesterday?

Colleague 2:  Not very well. The client was quite unhappy with most of what we offered.

Colleague 1:  What was the outcome?

Colleague 2:  I ended the negotiation on a high note by pointing out that our shipping charges had decreased by twenty percent.

Colleague 1:  That should help when you go back to the negotiating table.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - end on a high note

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I don't understand how you are still friends with all your ex-girlfriends. My exes are always upset with me and never talk to me again.

Friend 2:  Always end on a high note.

Friend 1:  And how do you do that?

Friend 2:  Talk about all the good aspects of the relationship and the wonderful things each person has learned.

to end on a high note - Usage:


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to end on a high note - Gerund Form:

Ending on a high note helps with future talks.

to end on a high note - Examples:

1)  Clayton Kershaw wants to see the season end on a high note for a team that fell short in its goals a year ago.

2)  Because I'm an optimist I want to end on a high note, this news has left me feeling validated that my best is and can ...

3)  ... forecasts the Hang Seng Index to remain jumpy, though it will end on a high note.

4)  They will want to end on a high note, on a convergence of strategy.

5)  ... your work situation without costing the company any more money. End on a high note. Point out how much you enjoy your work regardless of the outcome of ...

6)  But we wanted to end on a high note, on what we can do, what are the great things we are ...

7)  ... best to keep the initial meeting short because you want it to end on a high note.

8)  But I suppose it's nice that Tyson decided to end on a high note, discussing our responsibilities to each other rather than our failings. 

9)  Let's end on a high note though. We appear to agree on several things.

10)  ... ways to avoid making these mistakes. Whatever you do, always end on a high note.

11)  ... posted the best gains among industry groups in a volatile session that ended on a high note, ...

12)  A disastrous week for cycling in the UK ended on a high note with a spectacular final stage of the Tour de Yorkshire.

13)  "I have complete faith that truth will prevail", she ended on a high note.

14)  If Downton had to end I am happy that it ended on a high note for all of the characters.

15)  And Tokyo finally ended on a high note after dropping for six straight sessions, gaining 2.9 percent.

16)  ... saying things that are particularly heartbreaking. # However, the ad ends on a high note with the daughters sending a confident message to their parents ...

17)  It's generally believed the original Star Wars trilogy ends on a high note. The Rebel Alliance destroys the second Death Star, ...

18)  ... have an intense confrontation with the bar owner, but he always ends on a high note. " The hug at the end, by the way, is real ...

19)  ... went through personal tragedies as does our protagonist. But the movie ends on a high note and hopes for a revival of the drama scene in Kerala.

20)  The clip does have its share of tragedy, but also ends on a high note with the grown youth embracing his father's uniform and reflecting on the good ...