(to be) equal to the occasion

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - equal to the occasion

"(to be) equal to the occasion"

to have the necessary ability, talent, qualities, or capability to handle or accomplish a given role or situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - equal to the occasion

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I am not sure that this new software system is equal to the occasion.

Colleague 2: It seems pretty good to me.

Colleague 1: Perhaps in this moment it is but what happens when our client base doubles? Will the system be able to handle that? It also seems a little slow and so I worry about response times as well.

Colleague 2: I suppose further study is called for to ensure that this new software has the capabilities we require.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - equal to the occasion

A couple are talking ...

Wife: I am a little worried about going away for the weekend and leaving the children home alone.

Husband: Well, Johnny is fifteen and Katy is sixteen. I certainly think they are old enough to be left alone for a weekend. They are equal to the occasion of being unsupervised for a weekend.

Wife: I suppose you are right. They have been making some very mature and wise decisions lately. And they do have a good sense of responsibility. OK. They will be fine.

Husband: We could ask my mother to stop by and check in on them to to be on the safe side.

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(to be) equal to the occasion - Usage:


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(to be) equal to the occasion - Gerund Form:

Being equal to the occasion, the boss assigned him an important client.

(to be) equal to the occasion - Examples:

1)  We have no one, absolutely no one who is equal to the occasion - he will be sorely missed!

2)  Santorelli quickly lets off a high glove shot but Pavelec is equal to the occasion and makes the flashy glove save. 

3)  But Steele was more than equal to the occasion and Boro had earned their sixth home victory of the season.

4)  ... she does extremely well here and Karen Gillan did not seem quite equal to the occasion as the secretary who has just had enough, coming across as flat and unresponsive.

5)  Her fourth duty should be to question whether Lord Patten is equal to the occasion of policing the BBC, rescuing its reputation after this horror, and giving the ...

6)  Mentally I thought I was more than equal to the occasion; turned out I wasn't.

7)  ... struggled with depression for some years, and manifestly has never felt equal to the occasion of battling her son's love affair with the burger.

8)  ... for all Sunderland pressed, the Baggies' organisation and work-rate proved equal to the occasion, and their ability to counter at pace proved a potent weapon.

9)  ... northern lords awaited a third attempt, Elizabeth had found a general equal to the occasion of crushing the northern lords - Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy.

10)  ... too weak or are just getting under way, and are not equal to the occasion at hand. 

11)  ... strategy in the third and final round but the Uzbekistan boxer was equal to the occasion as he fended off the punches deftly and counter attacked fiercely. 

12)  ... assignment faced up to that time but the ladies were more than equal to the occasion. They not only handled the entire operation with great efficiency and ease but also ...

13)  ... past has given way to rising aspirations and the country should be equal to the occasion of building India into a modern developed country. 

14)  ... discusses why this is the case and offers tips for selecting software equal to the occasion. Can the ERP you are considering truly capture all project costs, and handle ...

15)  ... the perfect memento of our wonderful trip, a souvenir that was equal to the occasion of capturing the memories of the experiences we had shared. 

16)  ... order that we ourselves in the Americas may have equipment and training equal to the occasion of any emergency and every defense. 

17)  Google proved to be equal to the occasion by upgrading their algorithms. This kept webmasters on their toes as they kept trying ...

18)  ... officers and personnel improved through better training and orientation to make it equal to the occasion

19)  Undermanned and inappropriately equipped and trained, AMISOM was not fully equal to the occasion.

20)  ... had to sharply contend with that view, but he was intellectually equal to the occasion. Indeed, there was no one to outgun him in any philosophical battle debate.