to face the music

Idiom Definition

"to face the music"

to actively accept responsibility (and possibly punishment) for a wrongdoing

Idiom Definition - to face the music


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to face the music

Two office workers are talking one Monday morning...

Worker 1: The boss is looking for you.

Worker 2:  I thought he might be.  My report was supposed to have been handed in on Friday.

Worker 1:  Are you going to be in trouble?

Worker 2:  I am sure that I will be in trouble but I'm ready to face the music.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to face the music

Two parents are preparing to discipline their child ...

Dad:  Were you playing with your soccer ball in the house again?

Child:  Yes.

Mom:  You know that playing with your soccer ball inside is against the rules, right?

Child:  Yes.

Dad:  Well, there will be a punishment. Are you ready to face the music?

Child:  Yes. I accept responsibility and expect to be grounded.

to face the music - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   716   click for frequency by country

to face the music - Gerund Form:

Facing the music can be approached with bravery or cowardice.

to face the music - Examples:

1)  You just had to be as tough as he was and be ready to face the music and the consequences and try to work things out.

2)  All those liberal idiots will have to face the music someday. That someday is soon to come.

3)  It can't go on forever, and when Americans have to face the music it won't be pleasant.

4)  Chaput insists that priests and bishops who break the law need to face the music.

5)  He stayed to face the music. That shows more of a backbone in my book.

6)  Well, you blew it. Now, own it and face the music.

7)  Banfield told viewers it was time for Scott to face the music and explain what went wrong.

8)  The Democrats run so they do not have to face the music about the budget. What a bunch of cry babies.

9)  Caroline came back and had to face the music with Tyler for having conspired to murder one of Tyler's friends.

10)  Wise up and face the music!

11) The US had bad policies for eight years, and now it is time to face the music

12)  It sucks to face the music sometimes but needs to be done!

13)  Do not use such apps illegally or you will have to face the music.

14)  I really thought Don was going to man up for a minute there and face the music.

15)  So get brave. And face the music of change, if you feel you have changes to face.

16)  All I want to/can do now is to face the music and try my best to fix things as much as possible.

17)  The gloves are off, it is time for Tiger to face the music just like anybody else would have to.

18) We will be left alone to face the music from the people who we are hurting. 

19)  Scotty boy broke the law and hopefully he will face the music.

20)  Squaring his shoulders, he went to face the music.