to fall in love

Idiom Definition

"to fall in love (with someone)"

the process of beginning to love someone

"to fall in love (with something)"

to have strong feelings or attraction to an activity, place or thing

Idiom Definition - to fall in love


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fall in love

When Ned and Grace first met each other, they did not really like each other.  As they spent more and more time together they discovered that they shared many interests in common.  They grew to like each other very much until one day, they discovered that they had...

fallen in love with one another.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fall in love

Sam went on a trip to Nepal last year.  He had always been fascinated by the culture and people and geography of Nepal.  Within the first three hours that Sam was in Nepal,...

he fell in love with the country.

Sam loved the smells, the wonderful vistas, the people and the food almost instantly.

to fall in love - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   26,338   click for frequency by country

to fall in love - Gerund Form:

Falling in love can be an exciting experience.

to fall in love - Examples:

1)  I fall in love with almost every park I visit.

2)  You fall in love with every new crime show on TV.

3)  He falls in love as soon as a woman smiles at him.

4)  She falls in love with any pair of red shoes that are on sale.

5)  We fall in love each time we see each other again.

6)  You (all) fall in love far too easily.

7)  They fall in love again every time they celebrate an anniversary.

8)  During our days of falling in love this song was so special to the two of us.

9)  I would not call it falling in love -- there is just a warmth.

10)  Being in Bolivia was the most knock down drag out falling in love feeling I'd ever encountered.

11)  My mother told me that if you are falling in love with someone then they are probably falling in love with you.

12)  Sure I still feel stupid for ever falling in love with a guy like that, but I'm not to blame.

13)  And by the end of high school, I had completely fallen in love with the style.

14)  As for myself, I had fallen in love with the iPhone.

15)  He had somehow learned that she has fallen in love, and tries to convince her to start her new life.

16)  I am addicted to the blues. Over the years, I have fallen in love with the blues.

17)  Dave reveals the truth to Katie before the climax and she then falls in love with him.

18)  It's not every person who magically falls in love with their child just because they give birth to it.

19)  While working hard to further her career she falls in love with one of the partners of the firm.

20)  She also encourages Glenn to attend college but causes scandal when she falls in love with him.