to fall off the wagon

Idiom Definition

"to fall off the wagon"

to begin drinking alcohol after a period of abstinence

Idiom Definition - to fall off the wagon


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fall off the wagon

Linda is a recovering alcoholic.  She has not had a drink for five years, three months and seven days.  Linda discovers that her friend David's daughter, Penny, has died in a tragic car accident.  The shock and stress of the news causes Linda to have a drink of her favorite liquor, Scotch.

"Linda has fallen off the wagon.!"

Like most alcoholics, when Linda takes a drink, she cannot stop.  She drinks more and more.  She continues to hit the bottle until something happens in her life to make her quit drinking again.  Linda needs to go on the wagon again.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fall off the wagon

Paul has been very overweight most of his life.  Two years ago, he decided to go on a diet and lose some weight.  Paul has been very careful and has lost over forty kilograms.  He feels great and is happy with his new lifestyle.  Paul would like to continue to lose another forty kilograms.  Paul has sworn to never eat junk food or any fatty foods and especially not to eat impulsively. 

Unfortunately, Paul was walking in the park recently when he saw a hot dog vendor on the side of the path.  Poor Paul could not resist the temptation.  He was in the process of paying for his hot dog when he dropped his money.  When he had bent over to pick up the money his pants had ripped.  Luckily for Paul, his ripping pants reminded him of his diet...

"He had almost fallen off the diet wagon!"

Paul almost started eating fatty foods again but he resisted the temptation and stayed on the wagon.

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"to fall off the wagon"

Sunday Fun Idiom - fall off the wagon

to fall off the wagon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   328   click for frequency by country

to fall off the wagon - Gerund Form:

Falling of the wagon is a mistake for recovering alcoholics.

to fall off the wagon - Examples:

1)  I fall off the wagon when I break my diet.

2)  You fall off the wagon when you take a drink.

3)  He falls off the wagon when he smokes.

4)  She falls off the wagon when she takes drugs.

5)  We fall off the wagon when we are stressed.

6)  You (all) fall off the wagon when you (all) drink.

7)  They fall off the wagon when they eat junk food.

8)  When we fall off the wagon we really feel the negative impact of the SAD diet. 

9)  Throughout the process you'll have your crappy days, you'll fall off the wagon occasionally and that's OK. It's a process and change takes time.

10)  It's so easy to get off track and fall off the wagon. How do you motivate yourself to KEEP GOING?

11)  I am not perfect and sometimes I fall off the wagon.

12)  If you seriously fall off the wagon for several weeks, the most important advice is not to berate yourself.

13)  Inevitably, you fall off the wagon and then you feel as if you have failed.

14)  I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times.

15)  I have been doing no contact but have fallen off the wagon quite a few times.

16)  I've only fallen off the wagon once, having 2 small glasses of wine in 14 days.

17)  If all this wasn't crappy enough, I've also fallen off the wagon as far as my weight loss was concerned.

18)  Enlist the help of a coach if you keep falling off the wagon. A health coach helps you be accountable and empowers you to reach your goals.

19)  I have done this before with success, but I keep falling off the wagon.

20)  He goes back to Alcoholics Anonymous when he falls off the wagon.