fast track

Idiom Definition

"fast track"

the rapid advancement of one's career (being promoted faster than others);

the rapid completion of a project or goal

Idiom Definition - fast track


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fast track

Two executives are talking ...

Executive 1: Have you heard that Bill was promoted again?

Executive 2: Bill's only been with the company three years and he's had as many promotions.

Executive 1:  I've been with the company almost ten years and have only been promoted twice.

Executive 2:  I guess Bill is on the fast track.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fast track

Because there is a definite shortage of choice for the public to buy flood insurance and there is a desperate need, a bill to encourage private market options for flood insurance in West Virginia appears to be on the fast track through the state Senate. Instead of the usual year or more for a bill to pass, this bill is expected to pass in three months or less.

fast track - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,099   click for frequency by country

fast track - Gerund Form:

Being on the fast track means that you will advance more quickly than others in the same company.

fast track - Examples:

1)  To add to the context, the USA is on the fast track for energy independence.

2) We do not need another BP oil catastrophe, which will surely happen if we fast track more drilling. 

3)  I was on the fast track, made decent money, benefits, excellent vacation time but wanted to teach.

4)  They actually can get put on a fast track to get Medical faster than legal citizens can.

5)  I'm not saying that publishing a novel is the fast track to fame and fortune, but there are many successful writers out there.

6)  The Apollo Space Program was given top priority and spending was fast track approved.

7)  Now the pilots are on a fast track and spend only 40 hours in a basic Cessna-type plane before starting their drone training.

8)  Yet, they are on the fast track of learning about the basic needs of food, water and sanitation facilities.

9) You'll see how sharpening your brain will put you on the fast track to feeling fabulous in all areas of your life 

10)  If you have a good conversion it's probably a great way to fast track your sales process.

11)  No argument there -- she was a glory hound looking for the fast track to canonization.

12)  I went to one of those fast track adult education colleges that are advertized on late night TV.

13)  Thus, new sources of enriched uranium will be on a fast track for development.

14)  I hope you can expedite, or get me on the right fast track for my issue.

15)  But what I learned from him put me on the fast track to doing great things.

16)  Our company is on a very fast track, run by a bunch of workaholic perfectionists.

17)  Within a very short time, they are on the fast track toward college. 

18)  Animal tests look very good and human testing is on the fast track.

19)  Breaking embargoes is not only unprofessional, it is a fast track to excluding oneself from receiving any further media pre-releases.

20)  Smartphones are on a fast track to become the primary device for both creating and consuming digital content.