fat chance

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - fat chance

"fat chance"

very little or no possibility


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fat chance

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Do you think the boss will give me some time off?

Colleague 2Fat chance! This is our busiest season. We need everyone working.

Colleague 1:  What if I need the time for a very good reason?

Colleague 2:  There is no way you are going to get time off.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fat chance

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Is there any chance we will be able to go camping this weekend?

Friend 2Fat chance of that. The forecast is for rain and more rain.

Friend 1:  Maybe the storm front will pass in time.

Friend 2:  I suppose it is possible but the forecast says rain for the next week.

fat chance - Usage:


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fat chance - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for fat chance.

fat chance - Examples:

1)  ... and he had promised his mother that this would be his last visit. (Fat chance, she thought.)

2)  ... you expect salary to move in line with the new FX rate? Fat chance. Their salaries are stuck at the same ...

3)  ... to go to the Antarctic, I have to go'. And I thought fat chance of that ever happening.

4)  ... really starts instituting a culture change, putting attitudes to women at the centre. Fat chance of that, ...

5)  ... ravers who allegedly leave a mountain of rubbish, fine, I imagine a fat chance of catching any of these hundreds of people.

6)  If you finish every level on the first go -- fat chance -- you could theoretically beat it in under an hour.

7)  ... with these records, the book has a fat chance to be the best selling book of the year.

8)  ... issued a "black warning", advising holidaymakers to travel at other times. Fat chance! The holiday season is in full swing and all the usual events ...

9)  But fat chance they sell him while they're in a pennant race.

10)  Is Uber dropping the concept of surge pricing? Fat chance. However, Uber is taking steps to make surge pricing less glaring within ...

11)  ... most people would have to earn at least $3,000 or more in gross income. Fat chance your wages went up by that much over the last 10 years.

12)  ... his youngest to marry only after his first born Katherina has been wed. # Fat chance of that, as Katherina is an aviatrix and avowed bachelor girl who delights ...

13)  But if these nefarious activities can not be greatly reduced, there is a fat chance that his target will be achieved.

14)  Would a homeowner want a needle box placed outside their house? Fat chance of that.

15)  If I ever buy an iPhone (fat chance) it would be because of the camera.

16)  ... scenario where all the major trading countries do exactly what the anti-EU group want - Fat chance of that.

17)  ... almost six months without a word of explanation, the Scots know they have a fat chance of getting one any day soon. 

18)  ... deadline for settling all insurance claims has passed. Alright -- like an inquiry -- fat chance anyone is listening to that demand, he concedes with a mirthless grin.

19)  ... is calling for the imposition of an agriculture emergency. A fat chance anyone will listen to its cry. Those who matter are more interested in ...

20)  Would they write it off if I said I couldn't pay them back. Fat chance.