(to be) fed up

Idiom Definition

"to be fed up"

to be bored, disgusted or frustrated

Idiom Definition - to be fed up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be fed up

For the past several weeks, traffic has been very slow in the mornings.  Carl is becoming more and more frustrated every morning.  It is taking more than one hour to make the simple commute to work.  One day, as Carl is sitting in a terrible traffic jam again, he loses control and starts pounding his fists on the steering wheel in frustration.

Do you think that Carl is fed up with the bad traffic?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be fed up

Young Aaron has been behaving badly all day.   He would not eat his breakfast.  He threw his toys all over the room during playtime.  Aaron disobeyed his mother and spilled his sticky drink all over the good sofa.  At nap time, Aaron yelled and screamed at his mother and tried to hit her.  Poor Pamela is absolutely disgusted with her son's behavior.

Is Aaron's mother, Pamela, fed up with Aaron's behavior?

to be fed up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   9,501   click for frequency by country

to be fed up - Gerund Form:

Being fed up with your neighbor's noise can be a stressful situation.

to be fed up - Examples:

1)  I am fed up with all the potholes in the roads.

2)  You are fed up with your girlfriend's behavior.

3)  He is fed up with is boss's constant complaints.

4)  She is fed up with the high prices of makeup.

5)  The union is fed up with the company's stall tactics.

6)  We are fed up with the poor decisions of the referee.

7)  You (all) are fed up with all the reruns on television.

8)  They are fed up with the government always raising taxes.

9)  I am fed up watching you voice your concerns over the cost of raising a mentally-disabled child.

10)  Remember how the media kept saying Americans are fed up with gridlock and partisan bickering?

11)  I did something stupid because I was fed up.

12)  Many people are fed up with our declining morality as a nation.

13) He said he was fed up with Microsoft. 

14)  I was fed up of having this problem that wasn't actually mine.

15)  I believe many Americans are fed up with the Liberal agenda and want clean decent normal neighborhoods.

16)  Maybe he just got fed up with that property dispute he was having with his neighbors?

17)  We commiserate with the woman who was fed up with the colleague who kept helping himself to her lunch cookies.

18)  I'm sick of you. Fed up with your shenanigans.

19)  Sometimes people get fed up and just can't take it anymore.

20)  We in Iran are fed up with anti Semitic sentiment. This is not our belief.