to feel at home

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - feel at home

"to feel at home"

to feel as if you belong;

to feel as if you were in your home;

to feel accepted


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - feel at home

A manager and subordinate are talking ...

Manager: How are you getting on after your first week on the job?

Subordinate: Great, thanks. You and your whole team have made me feel very welcome. Everyone has been really good in helping me find my way around. I feel right at home already.

Manager: Good to hear that. We like to pride ourselves on our sense of "team as family".

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - feel at home

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I am so glad that you came for a visit. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. Are you comfortable?

Friend 2: Are you kidding? You have gone out of your way to make me feel at home. You are so thoughtful to have remembered that I like a firm mattress and the towels are lovely. The forty inch plasma TV in my room is a bonus. I also see that you stocked the fridge with all my favorite foods. I am very comfortable, thank you.

Friend 1: Here is a spare key. Come and go as you like. Help yourself to whatever you want.

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to feel at home - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,829   click for frequency by country

to feel at home - Gerund Form:

Feeling at home, the visitor helped herself from the refrigerator.

to feel at home - Examples:

1)  As Indians we do not always feel at home in these United States. Feelings of unease and antipathy have obvious historical roots.

2)  ... say, "I like it here." Make your users feel at home on your website. Decorate it accordingly. Don't make it too busy.

3)  How is one supposed to feel at home while living in exile?

4)  A fantastic manual of architectural algorithms explaining exactly why some designs make us feel at home on this planet and why others offend our neurology. 

5)  ... but am more of a social liberal. Which is why I feel at home in the only conservative area in Southern California, San Diego. 

6)  Country Hearth Inn & Suites wants to help you feel at home as much as possible when you are on the road. 

7)  The family tried to make her feel at home, giving her free rein of the house, buying her a pool pass, ...

8)  We went back a few days after and we were instantly made to feel at home by the waiter who remembered us.

9)  I always feel at home at The Woods. I'm greeted with hugs and smiles.

10)  He loved the city and was beginning to feel at home on its streets.

11)  I call myself an Utterson girl because I felt at home with Utterson.

12)  And all I know is when I arrived there, I felt at home, Something inside me is pulling me, Towards the East Coast, I just ...

13)  ... was always so afraid of upsetting the people around me that I never felt at home in myself.

14)  My parents were born and raised in the Ukraine but never felt at home. Ever since they met at the age of 16, they dreamed of Israel.

15)  A second guest at the meeting remarked that she felt at home because someone was at the door to shake her hand. Just that simple task ...

16)  The faithful move freely in the church, feeling at home in God's House.

17)  ... say that young players need between 20 and 40 games before they start feeling at home.

18)  Freedom of expression was also mentioned as an important part of feeling at home in Canada. Because attachment involves the establishment of a deep and enduring connection ...

19)  For a short time, I opened my eyes and saw several persons feeling at home, lying in the bed, coming and going and being very noisy.

20)  And for others, not 'feeling at home' in Australia was a crucial factor in their decision to leave.