to feel out of sorts

Idiom Definition

"to feel out of sorts"

to not feel or be one's normal self - usually temporarily;

to feel somewhat unwell, irritable, unhappy or grouchy - usually temporarily

Idiom Definition - to feel out of sorts


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to feel out of sorts

Two friends have met for coffee ...

Friend 1:  Wow!  Something's wrong.  What happened?

Friend 2:  Nothing specific.  Life is OK.  I'm just feeling a little out of sorts today.

Friend 1:  Why?

Friend 2:  I didn't sleep very well last night.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to feel out of sorts

Two friends are talking on the phone ...

Friend 1:  Are you OK?

Friend 2:  Yes.  Why do you ask?

Friend 1:  You sound a little distracted and unhappy. Are you a little out of sorts today?

Friend 2:  Perhaps a little.

Friend 1:  Cheer up.  It will pass.

to feel out of sorts - Usage:


To feel out of sorts is often used with a modifier:

I feel a little out of sorts.

I feel a bit out of sorts.

I feel kind of out of sorts.

I feel somewhat out of sorts.



To be out of sorts

Usage Frequency Index:   52   click for frequency by country

to feel out of sorts - Gerund Form:

Feeling out of sorts is not a pleasant sensation.

to feel out of sorts - Examples:

1)  I've spent most of this week feeling a bit on edge, out of sorts.

2) A European vacation, corporate outings and too much golf had left him feeling out of sorts

3)  Beljan was still so out of sorts after the round that he questioned whether or not he made the cut.

4)  The flow of the shop is a little out of sorts. There is very little eye catching decor, and sadly no mood music.

5)  You might feel a bit out of sorts without your older brother calling the shots.

6)  Being an early riser I was feeling down and all out of sorts because I got up at 8:30 today due to some troubling dreams last night.

7)  I'm cross and have been out of sorts all day.

8)  Because she always seemed so unhappy and out of sorts, I would go to great lengths to make her happy.

9)  Now I was entirely out of sorts. Was nothing in this world what it seemed? 

10)  He seemed a little out of sorts. He doesn't like the decision I made.

11)  You know it's funny about our vibe, yesterday I was out of sorts, not sure what to do or say and feeling emotional.

12)  I'm so confused and out of sorts by all of this.

13)  That won't happen again. The whole family was out of sorts and they blamed me.

14)  I get this sense of feeling out of sorts, unclear about next steps.

15)  We wake up in the morning feeling out of sorts and we cope with that feeling the whole day.

16)  I realize that the knocks taken by staff have put many of them out of sorts.

17)  My wife had been acting out of sorts for about 6 months before the bombshell was dropped.

18)  All three admit they're feeling a little out of sorts this week.

19)  I have been feeling about out of sorts the last few days, and today I got my diagnosis.

20)  She explains that she felt out of sorts, and that her neck wasn't properly supporting her head.