to feel the pinch

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - feel the pinch

"to feel the pinch"

to experience the effect of having less money or resources


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - feel the pinch

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Well, it's official. Sales have been down for three consecutive quarters and the company is feeling the pinch.

Colleague 2:  There goes our bonuses again. That is going to mean some reduction in spending in my household.

Colleague 1:  Worse than that, with the loss of income, the company will have no choice but to start laying people off.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - feel the pinch

Two volunteer coordinators are talking ...

Coordinator 1:  How are you getting on with organizing your fund-raising zones?

Coordinator 2:  Not so well. There is a decided decrease in the number of volunteer canvassers this year. And you?

Coordinator 1:  The same. I feel the pinch of the lack of volunteers when trying to cover all the zones.

to feel the pinch - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   839   click for frequency by country

to feel the pinch - Gerund Form:

Feeling the pinch when property taxes increased, the couple chose to eat out less often.

to feel the pinch - Examples:

1)  ... everyone I know, including home owners. Everyone I talk to is feeling the pinch of inflation.

2)  ... government is doing this to help those who are feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living and especially, rising electricity prices.

3)  They are feeling the pinch in the coming taxation year as many have either had their exemption revoked, ...

4)  ... said his company had also been feeling the pinch, with sales down 25 per cent year-on-year.

5)  ... are feeling the pinch as the government makes significant cuts to balance the budget. 

6)  Squeezed UK households are feeling the pinch as daily essentials become more and more expensive.

7)  And a lot of them are already feeling the pinch. # A third of these people have already cut back on other spending so ...

8)  ... but residents are already feeling the pinch of the eight per cent increase in gasoline prices.

9)  Many local businesses are feeling the pinch to enter the world of social media for their marketing. 

10)  South Korean companies do not appear to be feeling the pinch of Europe's debt crisis and the slowing global economy.

11)  ... many students working in the service sector could feel the pinch, with fewer customers meaning less hours and less tips. 

12)  In addition to the higher demands on quality we are continuing to feel the pinch on the budgets. Customers are not willing to pay more for the higher quality ...

13)  Buyers will feel the pinch with tighter lending guidelines and lowered amortization settings.

14)  ... and this only happened after the forces began to feel the pinch of manpower shortage.

15)  ... are a sign that the global economy is beginning to feel the pinch from the problems afflicting the euro.

16)  ... have also felt the pinch when their charitable tax-exemption was removed resulting in them having to close down many of ...

17)  I think most of us in better financial circumstances have felt the pinch due to rising energy and food bills over the last few years.

18)  Four years on from the crash, many of us have felt the pinch. Economic forces as uncontrollable as the elements are changing the way we live.

19)  It was a tight, hard year and many felt the pinch, so I support the current expanded time frame.

20)  Businesses, particularly manufacturers in coastal areas, have already felt the pinch of the labour shortage.