to fiddle around with

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - fiddle around with

"to fiddle around with"

to make ​small ​changes to something to ​try to make it ​work


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - fiddle around with

"to fiddle around with"

to ​touch or ​move things with ​your ​fingers because you are ​nervous or ​bored


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fiddle around with

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife:  Are you sure you know what you are doing in there?

Husband:  I'm not making any major changes, just making a few minor adjustments.

Wife:  Do you remember that the last time you fiddled around with the computer that it cost us three hundred dollars to have it repaired by a professional?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fiddle around with

A boss and employee are talking ...

Boss:  What are you doing? Get back to work.

Employee:  I am so bored.

Boss:  If you stop fiddling around with that pencil and put it to work, you won't be so bored.

to fiddle around with - Usage:


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to fiddle around with - Gerund Form:

Fiddling around with the TV set will probably make it worse.

Fiddling around with your fingers during a job interview will not give a good impression.

to fiddle around with - Examples:

1)  They have recently improved on those statistics, but that has largely been due to fiddling around with the timetabling to extend the trips on some lines by about four minutes.

2)  After spending this time planning, studying, fiddling around with the aforementioned computer and thinking deeply, Ardeem finally came to the realisation ...

3)  If you are an IT Professional who likes fiddling around with servers, running them up, configuring them, installing drivers and so ...

4)  We spent literally hours on end in the studio fiddling around with the millions of awesome sounds he had on his computer, and slowly ...

5)  They are amazing cookies, I love when I strike recipe gold, just from fiddling around with the ingredients.

6)  Or whether you should be fiddling around with your GPS or your radio while you're driving.

7)  ... and Potocki was sitting in the cabin fiddling around with the controls, trying to make it do what it was supposed to ...

8)  It was his favorite institution, the state, and the incessant fiddling around with the economy by the political class that created an unstable monetary system.

9)  ... you're going to waste time fiddling around with settings and get frustrated before you even begin.

10)  I was really just fiddling around with the camera in order to learn what the various knobs, buttons and ...

11)  You know, that computer program that allows anyone to fiddle around with a photo subtly enough to completely change the viewers perception of the photograph.

12)  You can fiddle around with the placement to find the optimal sound.

13)  Fiddle around with the recipe until you make it the way you like it.

14)  Once you have uploaded an image you will need to fiddle around with the positioning to get your logo or profile picture in the centre.

15)  ... to and from school (2 hours) and during my commute I'd always fiddle around with my phone or listen to music.

16)  ... want to stand there for a full 5 minutes with heavy shopping bags while she fiddled around with the door latch herself or whatever.

17)  I have fiddled around with this for a couple of days thinking it was my code but ...

18)  I pulled open the drawer of my bedside table and fiddled around with the stuff inside.

19)  I told him I wasn't sure, because although I've fiddled around with Linux for a few years now, RIM has not offered much support ...

20)  We fiddled around with the recipe until we got the balance perfect.