to fight a running battle

Idiom Definition

"to fight a running battle"

to have or participate in a series of arguments or disagreements

Idiom Definition - to fight a running battle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fight a running battle

Ned and Grace are chatting about the upcoming visit of Grace's mother ...

Ned: When is your mother coming to visit?

Grace: On Thursday. Why do you ask?

Ned: I need to be prepared. It seems that she and I are always fighting a running battle when she visits.

Grace: You could try not to disagree with her so much. You know, keep the peace.

Ned: I'll try!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fight a running battle

Two coworkers in an office are talking ...

Worker 1: Have you got that big project ready?

Worker 2: Not yet. I keep making changes based on feedback from the boss. First we argue and then we argue some more and finally I agree to make the changes.

Worker 1: When was the project due?

Worker 2: Two weeks ago. It seems that the boss and I are fighting a running battle. We disagree and fight about every single point.

to fight a running battle - Usage:


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to fight a running battle - Gerund Form:

Fighting a running battle can require a lot of energy to sustain.

to fight a running battle - Examples:

1)  We had a bit of a running battle throughout the game and it boiled over.

2)  The various court decisions in this long running battle of insurance companies may not be legally significant, but they make very interesting reading.

3)  One of the subplots of that titanic semi-final series was the running battle between William Foulke and George Allan, the Liverpool inside right.

4)  Throughout the album there's a running battle between an appetite for destruction and hopeless romanticism.

5)  The sixth and latest strike is part of an on running battle between the ports management and wharfies.

6)  Mr Harper fought a running battle with the Jersey establishment over an alleged cover-up of decades of child abuse.

7)  Commenters found themselves pitched into a running battle about the increasingly two-tier state of television.

8)  I'm fighting a running battle with my hospital for treatment.

9)  Meanwhile, Romanov found himself embroiled in a running battle with the Scottish football authorities.

10)  There was a chap Piet du Toit who Wilson had a running battle with but Wilson didn't give any ground.

11)  Three South Auckland local government politicians have launched another assault in a long running battle to control street prostitution in their area.

12) As Reuters notes, Jobs has faced a long running battle with cancer and stepped down from his position. 

13)  It was another episode in what the WSJ termed " the long running battle over Fed transparency.

14)  While we waited, another diner fought a running battle for a side of sauteed potatoes.

15)  You will also find an occasional running battle with a spam supporter who decides to vent in the group.

16)  As in the heats, Brown and Nellum staged a running battle that gave the US a slight advantage.

17)  The poor fellow was having a running battle with his wife over what he termed the fraudulent disposition of his property.

18)  It was, however, a running battle between the two over who would emerge as last female contestant standing.

19)  He alleged, among other things, that he had a running battle with the governor over some irreconcilable differences.

20)  Earlier this year she reversed the restructuring that had been the subject of a running battle between the DA and Adv. Simelane.