to fill in for someone

Idiom Definition

"to fill in for someone"

to temporarily do another person's job or duty

Idiom Definition - to fill in for someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fill in for someone

Miriam is a bookkeeper in an office. She discovers, at the end of the workday, that she must stay and work late. Miriam telephones her friend Heather ...

Miriam:   Hello Heather.  How are you?

Heather:  Just fine, thanks.  What's up?

Miriam:   Listen, Heather.  I need to ask you a big favor.

Heather:  OK?

Miriam:   I just found out that I have to work late and I'm supposed to coach my little league baseball team tonight.  Can you please fill in for me?

Heather:  No problem.  I will take care of your team.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fill in for someone

The vice-principal of a local school is talking to Juan ...

Principal:  Mrs. Smith, the regular Spanish teacher has called in sick.  Can you fill in for her today?

Juan:  Sure, it would be my pleasure.  I know those students and they always respond well to a substitute teacher.

Principal:  Great!  Thanks!

to fill in for someone - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   999   click for frequency by country

to fill in for someone - Gerund Form:

Filling in for someone is usually a temporary activity.

to fill in for someone - Examples:

1)  Acting CIA director Michael Morell was expected to fill in for him.

2)  I think the WH will fill in for him without too much being noticed.

3)  Unless the Holy Spirit has gone on holidays and asked you to fill in for Him, I would humbly suggest that you refrain from doing HIS job.

4)  That's why I want you to fill in for him whilst we find the root of that behaviour.

5)  Turmel's choice of Brendiage to fill in for him also came as a surprise.

6)  He can be Gordon's right hand and fill in for him while he's injured.

7)  He is suffering from a hamstring injury and Ryan Bertrand will fill in for him despite having a torrid time against Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday.

8)  Frasier is coming down with the flu but is reluctant to let Gil Chesterton fill in for him as he has been angling for a better timeslot.

9)  However, in 1960 Jonas Mekas asked him to fill in for him as film critic on the Village Voice, where he stayed for the next en years.

10)  Now, regarding the Chivas USA blog, David suggested I temporarily fill in for him and I'm more than happy to accept.

11)  No, I'd have thought you'd get an actor to fill in for him while he was gone.

12)  I'm not saying that they can't go forward or find someone to fill in for him.

13)  He was filming in Dubai at the time, so I came to fill in for him.

14)  I found someone with no such qualms to fill in for him.

15)  I decided that I would fill in for him.

16)  Mr Branch says as deputy his main role is to support chairman Gerald Davidson and fill in for him at events he is unable to attend.

17)  Jerry Lucena will be missed but hopefully the others can fill in for him

18)  Clapton disappeared for three months in 1965, a young Green got the chance to fill in for him for some gigs.

19)  If he wants to come off as authentic he should hire some Chinese dude to fill in for him and go visit his money in the Caymans!

20)  But by some strange twist he'd asked a colleague to fill in for him.