to fill someone in

Idiom Definition

"to fill someone in"

to inform someone;

to give information to someone

Idiom Definition - to fill someone in


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fill someone in

Heather and Miriam are talking over coffee ...

Miriam:  I haven't seen you for a while.

Heather:  I know.  I've been so busy lately.

Miriam:  Did you watch the latest episode of Black's on TV?

Heather:  I haven't watched in weeks.  Can you fill me in?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fill someone in

Lawrence has just returned from a two week vacation.  There have been many changes at his work.  When Lawrence arrives at the office on Monday morning, his boss asks a coworker of Lawrence to ...

"Fill Lawrence in on the changes that have happened."

to fill someone in - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,102   click for frequency by country

to fill someone in - Gerund Form:

Filling someone in can be a wonderful way to keep communication flowing.

to fill someone in - Examples:

1)  I fill my mother in about the latest news of my daughter.

2)  You fill your wife in when you are working late.

3)  He fills his boss in about a new client.

4)  She fills her friend in about a sale on shoes.

5)  The TV network fills us in about the election results.

6)  We fill our teammates in about the other teams strategy.

7)  You (all) fill everyone in when you use Twitter.

8)  They fill us in when something important happens.

9)  I wanted to fill you in a bit on our experience of shipping our goods from Bangkok to Vancouver.

10)  This will be hard, but I'm going to fill you in on the details that Bunni told me.

11)  I don't know enough about that: would you like to fill me in?

12)  I would welcome someone in the know from the CHL to fill me in.

13)  I'm sure you'll fill me in in good time.

14)  In short, I was looking for a mid-length enjoyable read to fill me in on everything from 1945-2008.

15)  Can you fill us in? We want to know what else is being.

16)  As we drove, our daughter began to fill us in our other parts of her paranoid life.

17)  Can you fill us in on what a supercomputing hour is? 

18)  You just enjoy yourself and fill us in when you want to.

19)  Joe kindly agreed to fill us in on his experience of being involved in the project.

20)  We asked her to fill us in on the past few years of her life.