to find out

Idiom Definition

"to find out"

to discover, learn or become aware of something

Idiom Definition - to find out


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to find out

Two scientists are talking ...

Scientist 1: What do you think will happen if we increase the energy input to the experiment?

Scientist 2: I don't know. We've only been altering the substances so far.

Scientist 1: Let's find out! Run the experiment again with a 20% increase in energy.

Scientist 2: OK. We can analyze the results afterwards.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to find out

Two teenagers are talking about not going to school the following day ...

Teenager 1: Hey, do you want to play hooky from school tomorrow?

Teenager 2: That would be great. It's Friday tomorrow.

Teenager 1: How can we keep it secret that we missed school?

Teenager 2: We can ask a classmate to cover for us.

Teenager 1: It could work but I'll be in such big trouble if my mother catches wind.

Teenager 2: Don't worry! She will never find out.

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to find out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   183,323   click for frequency by country

to find out - Gerund Form:

Finding out that you have won the lottery can be an exciting discovery.

to find out - Examples:

1)  Don't forget to find out how much it costs to add your baby to your plan.

2)  Finishing at just under 6 minutes, you find out that you've didn't even make the upper half of the results table.

3)  It's very important to find out BEFORE you leave whether or not your medical insurance will cover you overseas.

4)  Check the local area out on the web and find out what businesses frequent the area.

5)  I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.

6)  They seem honestly surprised to find out academia is a racket, and end up bitter?

7)  No one knew what the other was cooking, and we didn't find out until we arrived at each of their homes.

8)  I'm starting to find out how it feels to work under pressure.

9)  Or were you just going to kick me out and let me find out on my own?

10)  The team should analyze the data further to find out why process performance improved less than expected.

11)  She had to find out if the truth existed anywhere.

12)  No one knows, and we won't have the opportunity to find out.

13)  Find out all about the not-to-miss restaurants, attractions and more around the Gold Coast.

14)  He agreed that I should call the insurance company and find out what medicine they cover.

15)  Do the necessary mathematics and find out if you have saved enough to lead a fantastic retirement life.

16)  Do your own homework and find out the truth of what happens to cities controlled by Democrats.

17)  Click here to find out where to send stuff you'd like us to see.

18)  Now, blog software can be finicky, so I contacted my host to find out if something was wrong, or if I was somehow bugged.

19)  Best to network with other startups to find out who they used and liked / didn't like.

20)  I've never seen another and have never been able to find out how they form.