to finish up

Idiom Definition

"to finish up"

to complete something that is already in progress

Idiom Definition - to finish up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to finish up

Poor Sam has left all his studying to the last night before his big exam.

Sam needs to finish up reading the three books he has already started to read.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to finish up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Well, it's Friday afternoon. Are you ready to go home?

Colleague 2: Absolutely!

Colleague 1: Did you finish all your work?

Colleague 2: I've just finished up all the work I was working on this week.

to finish up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,713   click for frequency by country

to finish up - Gerund Form:

Finishing up overdue projects can bring a sense of relief.

to finish up - Examples:

1)  I am requesting donations to help me finish up my last academic quarter and to finally earn my doctorate degree.

2)  Depending on how long it takes the justices to finish up, that deadline could easily slip a few days.

3)  The jury wants to finish up the case and get out of there.

4)  Right now the objective is to finish up my degree and get out.

5)  I've taken more than two weeks to finish up this last section.

6)  With one last cheer, the girls finish up the song.

7)  That said, I was desperately trying to finish up a book called Abram's Eyes.

8)  We're taking a little break so finish up what you're preparing and when we come back we'll make dessert.

9)  Should I make my boss specify which projects he would like me to help finish up?

10)  You will finish up by binding your pages and pulling the whole project together. 

11)  I am going to find a job once I finish up my classes. 

12)  I could not finish up his documentation

13)  Now, we're going to finish up by converting each of these intervals into inequalities. 

14)  I also have some mp3 files to finish up to put on the school page. 

15)  I usually have more than enough to finish up at home. 

16)  In the meantime I am trying to finish up some projects inside the house.

17)  I'm trying to finish up a painting for a customer,.

18)  I didn't think anything of it and patiently waited around for her to finish up

19)  And I guess that is where we finish up on this occasion. 

20)  In tomorrow's post I'll finish up this examination of this step in Jesus' instructions.