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Idiom Definition - first-rate


of the best or highest rated class or quality


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - first-rate

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What do you think of the new color printer?

Colleague 2:  It is absolutely first-rate. The quality is near photo-quality. It is fast and can print thousands of pages before it needs new toner cartridges. Oh, and it hasn't jammed once.

Colleague 1:  It's nice when the office buys high quality tools.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - first-rate

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I heard you had some troubles with the contractor who was renovating your bathroom.

Friend 2:  I was having some trouble with him until I fired him and hired the next contractor.

Friend 1:  And what do you think of the new contractor?

Friend 2:  She and her crew have been doing a first-rate job. Everything is clean and well constructed. The team is actually ahead of schedule and a little under budget.

first-rate - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,511   click for frequency by country

first-rate - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for first-rate.

first-rate - Examples:

1)  There is broad agreement that first-rate scientists and engineers have helped make the U.S. military one of the most potent fighting ...

2)  That City Ballet may have found itself a first-rate dance-maker is the most heartening news of the year.

3)  The analysis of political philosophy for the period makes a first-rate contribution to African-American intellectual history.

4)  There is one other job besides sales where big companies can hire first-rate people: in the top management jobs.

5)  ... any doubt that he is a guide dog, a service dog, and a first-rate companion dog. 

6)  Carnegie remains a first-rate source of policy analysis and practical guidance on all the major international issues.

7)  When the average price of first-rate cameras and lenses each run well into four figures, ...

8)  ... third-rate incompetents with second-rate credentials foisting a first-rate fraud on the public at large.

9)  ... is a very gifted man: he is undoubtedly a first-rate scientist, who enjoys his profession immensely, ...

10)  ... as residents enjoy elegantly designed spaces with first-rate finishes and premium appliances.

11)  ... made good on his pledge to build a first-rate field organization on the ground and opened 37 offices in Iowa.

12)  ... around the world are spending billions to insure that their economies are under-girded by first-rate infrastructure.

13)  I'd rather have a first-rate execution and second-rate strategy any time than a brilliant idea and mediocre management.

14)  A first-rate team of experts offers compelling documentation on the pervasive influence global warming alarmism now has ...

15)  ... talking about business, politics, sports or the military, the best leaders are first-rate communicators. 

16)  The Biology program is first rate. It is very competitive, both for men and women applicants.

17)  A wonderful series. The production values are first rate.

18)  It is for we who really enjoy producing first rate food without being bent out of shape by finding totally esoteric and hard to find ...

19)  The performers are first rate and the baritone is a marvelous story teller.

20)  Really a great read, from an writer that is consistently first rate.