to fit the bill

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - fit the bill

"to fit the bill"

to be exactly what is needed in a particular situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fit the bill

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We need a new system for tracking project management.

Colleague 2:  Let's make a list of our exact requirements. There are literally hundreds of project management software packages available and I am sure we can find something that fits the bill exactly.

Colleague 1:  If we are going to make this huge change, then the new software has to be exactly what we require.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fit the bill

A mother and daughter are talking ...

Mother:  How was that casserole I dropped off yesterday?

Daughter:  Thank you very much. It was just perfect. You know that Bill and I have been working eighty-hour weeks and to come home on a Friday night and only have to throw the casserole in the oven and not have to do any work was really appreciated. It was also delicious and filling. We actually had a chance to relax.

Mother:  I am glad the casserole fit the bill.

to fit the bill - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,116   click for frequency by country

to fit the bill - Gerund Form:

Fitting the bill perfectly, the person with a degree in logistics management was hired for the position.

to fit the bill - Examples:

1)  ... to get him through thick and thin, and these highly durable shoes fit the bill. Lightweight and waterproof thanks to reliable Gore-Tex fabric, the boots can trudge through ...

2)  ... was one of the few restaurants that fit the bill AND were open for dinner on Sunday 6pm.

3)  Austen's novels certainly fit the bill, prime examples of the literary humanism Marcus describes.

4)  The successful candidate communicated how she would fit the bill, and she did it succinctly, right at the top of the resume, ...

5)  ... device that isn't quite so large, the Nexus 4 might better fit the bill -- its dimensions are the most compact of the devices we're comparing here.

6)  ... praying for a wife who was weird like him. I guess I fit the bill, but he was nothing like the man I expected to marry.

7)  ... iPad just like the iPhone is a limited toy so yes it may fit the bill for elementary school kids.

8)  The newfound particle fits the bill for the Higgs boson, but the researchers cautioned that more work is needed to ...

9)  ... quickly read and leave with a smile on your face. This book fits the bill perfectly.

10)  Sadly, there is no one on either side that fits the bill and could get elected.

11)  Neighborhood pub with clean restrooms and amazing food? C-Bar fits the bill!

12)  ... more productive, more energy dense, and more practical. Only nuclear fits the bill on all fronts.

13)  The emotions need a reset occasionally, and depression fits the bill for this. 

14)  ... highlight text, and take notes on the document itself. iAnnotate fits the bill and puts all of my reading at arm's reach.

15)  It may not be a bad thing that a man who clearly fitted the bill for international public enemy number one has finally met a sticky end.

16)  ... a fledgling manufacturing base and we needed unskilled labour. European migrants nicely fitted the bill.

17)  ... had reviewed the work of several eligible candidates but decided that no one fitted the bill

18)  After looking into it I couldn't find anything that fitted the bill so I decided to create it myself.

19)  ... a good news story to change the image of the Tour. Armstrong fitted the bill perfectly. His miraculous recovery was ideal cover.

20)  ... but on researching it further, it became very apparent that it fitted the bill for my aspirations and ambition. I was very impressed with the synergy of teaching ...