fit to be tied

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - fit to be tied

"fit to be tied"

extremely angry and upset


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fit to be tied

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: The boss is just about to leave for Detroit to finish that multi-million dollar deal and Sid doesn't have the numbers ready for him.

Colleague 2:  I guess the boss is a little angry.

Colleague 1:  A little angry is a definite understatement. He's fit to be tied!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fit to be tied

Two brothers are talking ...

Brother 1:  You took Dad golfing this morning didn't you?

Brother 2:  Yes.

Brother 1:  How did Dad do?

Brother 2:  He was playing the best game of his life until the last hole where he hit the ball into the lake a destroyed his chance at a personal best.

Brother 1:  He must have been upset.

Brother 2:  He was fit to be tied.

fit to be tied - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   29   click for frequency by country

fit to be tied - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for fit to be tied.

fit to be tied - Examples:

1)  ... moon would be an understatement. To say that Kyle Busch was fit to be tied and pissed right off would be also.

2)  I am choosing me but I'm fit to be tied that after all I did for him, he didn't choose me.

3)  I'll stop now. So annoyed. I am fit to be tied. I have tried all evening to contact UPC.

4)  Folded in four and with a coffee stain! I was fit to be tied. These scrolls are made of heavy parchment and I knew getting the creases out ...

5)  I am so disappointed with Mrs. S-M that I am fit to be tied. Her excuse about succession planning is indefensible.

6)  I was fit to be tied, but I held my tongue because of her age and I respect my elders ...

7)  ... and if one of my boys was raped I'd be fit to be tied too. Next to murder, rape has to be the most heinous crime one ...

8)  Woe is me! The missus is fit to be tied. Twinkies is her most favorite snack and she's nagging me to go out ...

9)  The political establishment is fit to be tied because the ground is shifting beneath its feet.

10)  She was taken totally by surprise. She must be fit to be tied.

11)  Bill will be fit to be tied by then and completely dominate the conversation.

12)  And I didn't have to jump up and down on the spot afterward to placate mysterious algorithms. I tell you: Modern life makes you fit to be tied.

13)  My Mother became so fit to be tied that she stepped off the Church Committee.

14)  Joe was really FIT TO BE TIED last night when he saw his girlfriend out with a big, good-looking guy. 

15)  North Saanich senior fit to be tied over drivers' exam. He's angry over B.C.'s mandatory driver's medical form requiring people at ...

16)  He didn't talk to his wife about it – he just announced it to her and she was fit to be tied.

17)  And then you get people all fit to be tied over what's happening in these clinics.

18)  Understandably, Rob is apparently fit to be tied over the whole thing — after all, his sister did publicly blast him for essentially being a couch ...

19)  Even her social worker is fit to be tied,” Angel said. “It's just a sad, sad situation. I'm just freaking out that these little kids — they're not animals, ...

20)  I bet more than a few fans are going to be irate and fit to be tied. They will have spent their hard earned money on tickets, travel and whatever ...