to floor it

Idiom Definition

"to floor it"

to quickly press the accelerator pedal of an automobile to the floor

Idiom Definition - to floor it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to floor it

Ned and Grace are driving to work one morning.  They left the house late and now they think they will be late for work.  Grace is quite nervous because she has a big meeting first thing in the morning.  As the car approaches an intersection, the light turns yellow.  Grace tells Ned to...

floor it.

Grace does not want Ned to slow down and prepare to stop for the red light that will follow the yellow light.  Grace does not want to have to wait at the red light so she tells Ned to hurry through the intersection before the light turns red.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to floor it

Bruce and Victor are a couple of teenagers.  They have spent the past several months fixing up an old car.  They have made many modifications to make the car go very fast.  One day Bruce and Victor decide to take their car for a test drive out on the highway.  They find a deserted stretch of highway.  Bruce smiles at Victor and says...

"Floor it!  Let's see how fast this car can go"

to floor it - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   326   click for frequency by country

to floor it - Gerund Form:

Flooring it can be dangerous.

to floor it - Examples:

1)  I floor it when the traffic light is turning yellow.

2)  I floor it when the traffic light is turning yellow.

3)  He floors it when he is driving a car with a small engine.

4)  She floors it when there are no police on the highway.

5)  We floor it when we are racing in go-karts.

6)  You (all) floor it when you (all) are trying to evade capture by the police.

7)  They floor it when they are late for work.

8)  When taking off from a red-light or stop sign, don't floor it but gradually allow the car to get up to speed. 

9) You can beat a school bus on the right if you floor it

10)  Maybe in a flat part of the country where all you can do is floor it from light to light.

11) Time to take it out on the road and floor it, see what it'll do. 

12)  Now, start the car and floor it.

13)  Now start the airplane engine and floor it

14)  I wanted to crouch down, to put the Hudson in reverse, to floor it.

15)  You just shrug, get in your car, and floor it.

16) If you hook a VW bug to a small trailer, and floor it, it's going to accelerate to highway speeds pretty quickly. 

17)  I apply the clutch, put the car in gear and floor it again. 

18)  Anyone going through a similar situation is well advised to step inside the GT86 and floor it

19) Floor it to try overtake a car in the left lane. 

20)  The engine is silky smooth and builds up revs effortlessly. Floor it and the box shifts down after a bit of contemplation.