(to be) floored

Idiom Definition

"to be floored"

to be very surprised;

to be astounded

Idiom Definition - to be floored


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be floored

Jean and Sylvia have been lovers for many years.  They have always been careful not to display affection in public.  Their friends and family do not know the true nature of their relationship.  Jean and Sylvia decide that, in the present day, attitudes towards homosexuals have changed to the point where it is OK to be gay.  They decide to come out of the closet.  Jean and Sylvia will tell their families and friends about their relationship.

Do you think that Jean and Sylvia's families and friends will be floored by the news?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be floored

You have been buying lottery tickets for years.  Sometimes you win $10.00.  One time, you won $1,000.  Today is the day for the next lottery and you have your ticket in your hand as you watch the winning numbers being announced on the television.  Guess what?  All your numbers match and you are the big winner of the jackpot of $1,000,000.

Are you floored


to be floored - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   540   click for frequency by country

to be floored - Gerund Form:

Being floored can be an uncomfortable feeling.

to be floored - Examples:

1)  I am floored when I win the lottery.

2)  You are floored when you discover that your spouse is having an affair.

3)  He is floored when his boss tells him that he is fired.

4)  She is floored when her new hair color is green.

5)  We are floored when we lose a game to the worst team in the league.

6)  You (all) are floored when you (all) receive a test score of one hundred percent.

7)  They are floored when their best friends betrays a secret.

8)  Was she floored yesterday when the news of the tsunami was announced?

9)  I had already been floored by the news of the tsunami by the time the news of the earthquake was announced.

10)  Is he going to floored if the traffic is good this morning?

11)  No kidding! As a big fan of instant noodles, I'm floored how ridiculous people get about them.

12)  I saw the tail end of Michelle's Speech, and was floored and moved.

13)  I was in the public library yesterday and saw a chart that floored me. It was a list of the number of AIDS infections by continent.

14)  I've been pretty much stunned into inaction in every case, just continually floored at the fact that any human being can actually act that way toward another.

15)  I recently went to a tradeshow and was floored to see a new product that I have provided the idea for developed!

16)  It's very easy to think they would just be floored, but I've never seen that reaction.

17)  I was floored. How was I supposed to afford even one of those tests.

18)  I began to hear the details of compositions and I was floored at the complexity and dexterity of the musicians playing them. Wow!

19)  I'm from the revolutionary 60's, and am floored at the number of younger generation who are just laying down and taking it

20)  I liked exploring back roads and alternate routes when going places, and was floored to see on US 1, between Washington and Baltimore.