to fly off the handle

Idiom Definition

"to fly off the handle"

to suddenly and unexpectedly become very angry

Idiom Definition - to fly off the handle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to fly off the handle

A man was quietly working on his computer one day. Everything was going well when suddenly the computer shut down. Without warning, the man flew off the handle and instantly became very angry.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to fly off the handle

A team member and his boss are discussing a report one Monday morning...

Boss: It seems that you are making good progress with the report.

Team member: I expect that the report will be finished by the end of the week.

The boss suddenly erupts into anger.

Boss: The deadline is Wednesday. Why is the report going to be late?

Team member:  No need to fly off the handle.  I'll work overtime and finish by Wednesday.

to fly off the handle - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   253   click for frequency by country

to fly off the handle - Gerund Form:

Flying off the handle is not good for a person's blood pressure.

to fly off the handle - Examples:

1)  This is life, it's built on emotions. I say let them fly off the handle, show they care and show they tried.

2)  I'd heard stories that she could fly off the handle, that she was very uncooperative, that she was socially inept.

3)  It is very easy just to fly off the handle and come down on someone, but it really doesn't help.

4)  People who speak too fast. Customers who bring in their own ingredients and fly off the handle when you say you can't use their food.

5)  If his only negotiating technique is to fly off the handle with out thinking I am sure he is costing his clients money.

6)  For example, we might shout, fly off the handle or go silent. 

7)  You're supposed to think about it, not fly off the handle.

8)  I started behaving like a moody 17-year-old and had no idea why. I'd fly off the handle for no reason.

9)  Diabetes is a common cause of low blood sugar levels and hence a tendency to fly off the handle.

10)  Perhaps just perhaps we all don't know everything and fly off the handle when we see something that isn't what we think.

11)  And I had the type of PPD where I would fly off the handle if my husband so much as breathed the wrong way.

12)  Most communication is fraught and they fly off the handle at the least thing.

13)  All this is reasonable, and there is no reason to fly off the handle about it.

14)  See what happens when you fly off the handle without waiting for all the FACTS to come out?

15)  Mr Mitchell last night admitted he flew off the handle and was abusive.

16)  He flew off the handle after being told that he could not exit through the main gates.

17)  At this, I flew off the handle and shouted: " You haven't finished your homework."

18)  The owner completely flew off the handle and started yelling and advancing towards us with a hammer.

19)  I continued to refuse and she completely flew off the handle at me and started yelling.

20)  My wife's parents, however, flew off the handle and immediately began blaming me.