to fly the coop

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - fly the coop

"to fly the coop"

to escape;

to get out or get away


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fly the coop

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The boss just told us that a last-minute order has come in and we have to stay a few hours late to fill the order. Where's Jimmy?

Colleague 2:  Jimmy flew the coop about twenty minutes ago. He saw the order coming in and left while he could.

Colleague 1:  Lucky Jimmy to have escaped so easily.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fly the coop

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I see that you are selling your house.

Friend 2:  Yes. My husband and I have decided that it is time to downsize a little. All but one of our children have left the family home and our youngest is due to fly the coop in the fall. She is going off to college.

Friend 1:  I suppose with all your children leaving home that a smaller house is a good idea.

to fly the coop - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   98   click for frequency by country

to fly the coop - Gerund Form:

Flying the coop, the young man left the family home to go to college.

to fly the coop - Examples:

1)  ... but knowing that sooner or later they grow up and fly the coop.

2)  ... creative talent being produced in New Zealand every year is being forced to fly the coop

3)  ... to do menial jobs are rejected because the employer knows that they will fly the coop at the first opportunity for something more challenging and stimulating and better paid.

4)  It was evident, not only in offspring wanting to fly the coop and go their own way, but in ...

5)  ... returning to education yourself, or if you have a teen ready to fly the coop and go to college next year?

6)  I appreciate your efforts and am enthused that apps are ready to fly the coop!

7)  He admits it will be sad to see the plane fly the coop after its eight years of taking up space in the hangar.

8)  ... to celebrate its sixtieth birthday just saw one of its seven charter members fly the coop out of financial desperation, ...

9)  Don't feel bad. My muse has flown the coop yet again. That's why I've not been so active lately.

10)  So even though our lovely Erin has flown the coop, she still works with us and occasionally will grace us with her gaffs.

11)  Ever since I've grown up and flown the coop my mom has this massive guilt complex.

12)  Lucky for me, two of my kids have already flown the coop. My Junior in college comes home on major holidays, ...

13)  ... return of Pedro Lopez to his family in Guerrero, Mexico, having flown the coop to New York to provide his family with a better life.

14)  This Christchurch songbird might have flown the coop, but she'll always be one of the city's finest exports.

15)  ... that this little band of fools who talked big but acted small have flown the coop. They won't be welcomed back.

16)  A number of top-flight media agency folk have flown the coop. Why are they doing this and what is the impact of their leaving?

17)  ... person best equipped to answer that question is the one man who just flew the coop. # His departure opens up a whole slew of questions about many things, ...

18)  These are romantics whose faith flew the coop: now they at least want to watch how everything passes and goes. 

19)  Former ambassador Haqqani flew the coop and who is going to bring him back to face the court. 

20)  With over 60% of new users flying the coop, however, there's something amiss. If it hopes to improve its retention ...