to foam at the mouth

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - foam at the mouth

"to foam at the mouth"

to be extremely, uncontrollably angry, upset or agitated


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - foam at the mouth

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: What's up with the boss? I don't think I have ever seen him so upset.

Colleague 2: He must be really angry about something. He is pounding his desk and throwing things at the wall.

Colleague 1: Let's make ourselves scarce. His foaming at the mouth anger is not something I want to experience.

Colleague 2: Good idea. Let's take a coffee break and hope he calms down.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - foam at the mouth

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Whatever you do, do not mention that new political candidate when Sally comes over for a visit.

Friend 2: Why not?

Friend 1: For whatever reason, Sally is really upset about the candidate's views and especially the candidate's almost-assured chances of winning. If you mention the candidate, Sally will foam at the mouth and we will have to listen to a long diatribe about the candidate's evils and wrongdoings.

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to foam at the mouth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   289   click for frequency by country

to foam at the mouth - Gerund Form:

Foaming at the mouth, she continued to scream obscenities and threaten passersby.

to foam at the mouth - Examples:

1)  Were this a Republican president, they would be foaming at the mouth with 24/7 coverage of this monstrous scandal.

2)  With millions in the US screaming about socialized medical care, and foaming at the mouth, where is the outrage that the right wing professes against so-called ...

3)  They're like rabid dogs foaming at the mouth.

4)  Given that she's a foaming at the mouth religious extremist, I don't think she was really joking.

5)  The reason fans are foaming at the mouth when they see *any* sort of criticism is because they are incapable ...

6)  Most likely FAUX management told her to chill out. Her barking and foaming at the mouth was scaring their main demographic.

7)  The uglier the posting The more viral and foaming at the mouth comments The angrier the left become.

8)  What we have here are 7th century barbaric, inbred, foaming at the mouth savages. The only thing they understand is strength.

9)  This lockout is turning us into a bunch of rabid animals who are foaming at the mouth

10)  They are foaming at the mouth and shrieking special prosecutor and impeachment over this horse crap?

11)  Fight it out verbally until you foam at the mouth. We need to think seriously about what the real issue is.

12)  Apparently, news is leaking out of Argentina that CFK is spitting foam at the mouth, She hates the British, as the only heathens that have ...

13)  Losing control is very rare. People do not shout and scream, or foam at the mouth, murder children or mow down passers-by during a panic.

14)  American newscasters hyperventilate about everything, and foam at the mouth when the subject is weather systems over the Northeastern United States, ...

15)  Some contemporary legislators foam at the mouth and rend their garments at the mention of 'welfare' payments.

16)  ... up and going out and *shudder* doing something. and all of it made me foam at the mouth with insane rage.

17)  So no matter what you say Dushey, or how much you rave and foam at the mouth and how much you say that ...

18)  As I have always said, we must be very careful with people who foam at the mouth and scream about Islam. These would normally be the biggest hypocrites ...

19)  Rub them slightly the wrong way and they foam at the mouth like mad dogs.

20)  In all other respects they are mild, but mention John Key and they foam at the mouth. It's the divisive effect of socialism.