to freak out

Idiom Definition

"to freak out"

to become very angry, upset or excited to the point of irrational actions and behaviors

Idiom Definition - to freak out


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to freak out

After a two year relationship, Steve has told Barbara that he is gay.  Barbara becomes very upset and starts yelling and screaming incoherently at Steve.  She tells him to get out of their apartment and never come back.  Barbara then begins to gather up Steve's possessions and belongings and proceeds to throw them, one by one, out the window of their apartment.  Barbara is crying.

Would you say that Barbara is freaking out?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to freak out

Richard is running around his home office one Monday morning.  He is becoming more and more agitated as he wonders to himself how he became so busy since he retired.  Richard is trying to make his schedule for the coming week.  Richard volunteers for three different charities.  He also edits a writing publication and Richard has taken on the roll of Chief Returning Officer for the upcoming federal election.  This job requires him to work twelve hours a day every day.  Richard starts throwing papers around and pounding his fists on the desk.  Finally, he just sits at his desk shaking his head and muttering to himself.

It is safe to say that Richard is freaking out due to the pressure of his commitments.

Idiom Scenario 3

Karl has been buying lottery tickets every week for over ten years.  Karl has never won the lottery.  Every Saturday, he goes to his local corner store to check the winning numbers.  This Saturday, the grand prize is $10,000,000.  When Karl checks his numbers, he discovers he has won the lottery.  Karl starts to jump up and down and laugh like a maniac.  He skips around the store laughing and hugging strangers. Karl is chanting in a very loud voice, "I'm a winner.  I'm a winner", over and over again.

Karl is freaking out with excitement.

to freak out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   7,350   click for frequency by country

to freak out - Gerund Form:

Freaking out may cause high blood pressure.

to freak out - Examples:

1)  I freak out when I am under too much pressure.

2)  You freak out when your car is stolen.

3)  He freaks out when someone damages his car.

4)  She freaks out when there is a half off shoe sale.

5)  We freak out when we win the championship.

6)  You (all) freak out when you score a 100% on your final exam.

7)  They freak out when they witness a violent accident.

8)  Understandably freaked out by the giant monster bursting through a toilet.

9)  If our power had gone out, I would have really freaked out.

10)  By the time people got to the end they were so scared and freaked out that many left without getting candy!

11)  Don't freak out. Most food manufacturers issue a recall as a precautionary measure.

12) A couple of years ago I would freak out when friends showed up unannounced. 

13)  I'm sure these pop up and warnings are just tactics to make me freak out and buy their product.

14)  If he were really a tech entrepreneur, there would be a lot more freaking out about servers and code and metrics and budgets.

15) Generally, freaking out is a bad option for a boss. 

16)  Those that have not prepared will be freaking out and many of them will totally give in to despair or fear.

17)  At the moment I am freaking out about homework. I have 11 assignments for 1 week.

18)  After, Grace Gummer randomly freaks out at the way the performance was handled.

19)  He's not small, so when he jumps out of the pantry and freaks out one of the kids, I die laughing.

20)  When I mention anything to do with her Mom knowing, she freaks out and cries.