to take French leave

Idiom Definition

"to take French leave"

to leave or be absent from some type of social situation or obligation without asking for permission

Idiom Definition - to take French leave


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to take French leave

One Friday morning, Johnny's friend Stan stops by Johnny's house on the way to school to pick Johnny up for school.  It is a beautiful spring day.  It is warm and the sun is shining.  Stan asks Johnny if he really wants to go to school.  Johnny replies...

"Not really.  Let's take French leave today."

Even though both boys will get into trouble from their parents and the school authorities, the wonderful spring day is too much of a temptation.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to take French leave

Two coworkers are talking at the end of the workday.  One worker tells the other that the boss will not be in the office the next day.  The worker also says that it is supposed to be a perfect day for golf.  They look at each other with knowing smiles and say at the same time...

"Let´s take French leave tomorrow and go golfing."

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - to take French leave

Paul and Martha are talking about the party that they both attended the previous evening.  Paul comments to Martha that he had not seen Martha leave the party and that the host of the party had asked Paul where Martha was.  Paul had replied to the host that he did not know.  Martha said to Paul...

"Sorry about that Paul.  I took French leave."

to take French leave - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   23   click for frequency by country

to take French leave - Gerund Form:

Taking French leave could be considered rude.

to take French leave - Examples:

1)  I take French leave from a party when I can not find the host.

2)  You take French leave from work when the weather is nice.

3)  He takes French leave from school when he wants to watch a sports match.

4)  She takes French leave from work when she is bored.

5)  We take French leave from a party when the party is boring.

6)  You (all) take French leave from school when you (all) need to study.

7)  They take French leave from the party when they do not like the hostess.

8) His secretary had been on French leave because there was nothing for her to do. 

9)  If all players of the Stars decides to take a french leave for psychological reasons, who will be there to play for Ghana.

10) He was of the view that they ought not to take a French Leave with the absence of their political heads. 

11) Jackie took a French leave because of the AMAA event. 

12)  I took what is known as " French leave " or AWOL- away without leave, in my case, without permission.

13)  I just took a little French Leave.

14)  Some men took what was called " French leave ". This meant that they would return to their homes during the fall.

15)  Are they taking French leave from the party right now?

16)  You have been taking French leave from boring parties since 1995.

17)  She took French leave from school yesterday.

18)  Was he taking French leave from work yesterday when the boss caught him?

19)  Is he going to take French leave from school tomorrow?

20)  She is not going to be taking French leave from school all next week.