from soup to nuts

Idiom Definition

"from soup to nuts"

a wide range of things, ideas or topics;

from beginning to end - complete

Idiom Definition - from soup to nuts


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - from soup to nuts

Two friends are talking about a third friend they haven't seen for ten years ...

Friend 1:  Frank is back.

Friend 2:  I heard. Have you seen him?

Friend 1:  We had a good visit yesterday.

Friend 2:  What did you talk about?

Friend 1:  Everything from soup to nuts.  He told me where he traveled, what books he's read, the jobs he's had, his different girlfriends - everything really.

Friend 2:  Sounds very interesting.  I must have a visit with Frank, too.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - from soup to nuts

Two accountants are talking about an audit one of them is performing ...

Accountant 1:  Did you find the error in the books?

Accountant 2:  No and I checked everything from the beginning to end.

Accountant 1:  So you went over the books from soup to nuts and found nothing?

Accountant 2:  Nope.  Nothing.  I suppose I will have to go back to square one and check again.

Accountant 1:  Good luck

from soup to nuts - Usage:


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from soup to nuts - Gerund Form:

Talking of many topics, from soup to nuts, can be very interesting.

from soup to nuts - Examples:

1)  I like to discuss anything, from soup to nuts.

2)  You can find from soup to nuts at that market.

3)  His work ranges from soup to nuts.

4)  She has a varied wardrobe that ranges from soup to nuts.

5)  That new department store carries everything from soup to nuts.

6)  We like watching movies, from soup to nuts.

7)  You (all) have a wide selection of books, from soup to nuts.

8)  Their late night discussions run the gambit from soup to nuts.

9)  Let's run through the thing from soup to nuts, starting with iPhoto.

10)  It's a massive undertaking owning the event from soup to nuts.

11)  I covered everything from soup to nuts on the basics.

12) It was his album, from soup to nuts

13)  They asked about everything from soup to nuts.

14)  We'll take the students from soup to nuts -- -from creating transcriptions and metadata to developing databases and designing interactive interfaces.

15) Everything from soup to nuts is already taxed. 

16)  Planning events from soup to nuts, she works with her team to create and sustain your event brand.

17)  How do I set up my company? (From soup to nuts) Is it time to incorporate (or form an LLC)?

18)  Sony really needs to think about the quality of the gaming experience from soup to nuts on their new console.

19)  Has he bought everything from soup to nuts?

20)  Did she talk about so many things yesterday, all the way from soup to nuts?