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Idiom Definition - fuddy-duddy


a person who is old-fashioned or crotchety (noun);

old-fashioned, stuffy and boring (adjective)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - fuddy-duddy

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Who's the old fuddy duddy?

Colleague 2: That's the company's founder.

Colleague 1: The guy is worth tens of millions of dollars. You'd think he could afford to dress in a little more modern style.

Colleague 2: He is very stuck in his ways. Whatever you do, don't mention modern in his presence. He is quite grouchy about that subject. If you call attention to yourself, he will make you wear a bow tie like him.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - fuddy-duddy

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Is that seriously your telephone? You still have a fuddy-duddy rotary dial telephone?

Friend 2: What's wrong with that? This phone has been working reliably for decades and will probably continue to work reliably for decades more. How often do you replace your cell phone?

Friend 1: Probably, once a year.

Friend 2: Call me old-fashioned but I am happy not to have to spend money every year to replace my phone.

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fuddy-duddy - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   189   click for frequency by country

fuddy-duddy - Gerund Form:

Being an old fuddy-duddy, he never went to office parties.

fuddy-duddy - Examples:

1)  The piece comes across as it was written by an out-of-touch old fuddy duddy.

2)  ... that the legal team were a considerate, highly sensible group, rather then the fuddy duddy old men with odd religious ties that we see far too often on similar ...

3)  ... whilst they may be old fashioned and seem fuddy duddy, I am not aware of anything they have said so far which would ...

4)  What would I know anyway? I'm just an old fuddy duddy

5)  ... age of 39, I am, in their eyes, a bit of a fuddy duddy who doesn't have much of a clue. 

6)  ... major inconvenience to their nail cleaning time. I am, indeed, a grumbly fuddy duddy when it comes to my service expectations.

7)  They must learn how to adapt to it. We fuddy duddy adults must recognize that computers are here to stay, so join the crowd.

8)  No I am not a fuddy duddy either, I am only 32 years old, and I am already bored ...

9)  ... fleeting trend is a bit ridiculous. If this opinion smacks of being sensible, fuddy duddy and a bit old and out of touch, then I'll hold my ...

10)  I kind of ignorantly thought watercolours were the preserve of a rather fuddy duddy side of painting.

11)  ... at what we are wearing! At least we're not squeezing our boring, fuddy-duddy backsides into' trendy' jeans. 

12)  Anyone criticising the way that IT has taken over in Primary schools is apparently a fuddy-duddy or Luddite.

13)  I'm intrigued you think kindness is relegated to the realms of fuddy-duddy old people or something we give to dogs and very small children.

14)  I didn't want this post to turn into some purely academic, fuddy-duddy philosophical piece. Instead, I wanted to outline a problem and propose a practical ...

15)  ... to an old colonel in a blazer and tie. He might look a bit fuddy-duddy but he still looks smart.

16)  ... fellow who wanted to restore traditional morality. Liberals were repelled, and saw a fuddy-duddy who wanted to turn back the clock.

17)  There were a lot of things it could have been criticised for. Being fuddy-duddy, out of touch, unconcerned with issues such as opportunities for women, being ...

18)  This may be lovably fuddy-duddy to some, but the claim to parliamentary and legal privilege is an anachronism.

19)  ... a description that immediately conjures up urban coolness, particularly in the notoriously fuddy-duddy literary world.

20)  So maybe I'm just out the loop. Maybe I'm just some archaic fuddy-duddy. Maybe I need a sense of humour transplant.