(to be) full of bologna

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - full of bologna

"(to be) full of bologna"

the information a person is offering is full of falsehoods, nonsense or foolishness


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Idiom Scenario 1

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I don't know why the boss is so upset with me for missing a deadline. I've been working really hard lately. She can't blame me if the work is too difficult.

Colleague 2:  You're full of bologna!Idiom Definition - full of bologna

Colleague 1:  Why do you say that?

Colleague 2:  Because you say you have been working really hard but I see you leaving work ten minutes early every day.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - full of bologna

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Did Evan ask you to borrow money again?

Friend 2:  Yes, again, with some story of how his wallet was stolen when he was riding the subway.

Friend 1:  Add that to his long list of excuses for borrowing money. Did you believe him this time?

Friend 2:  Not a bit. Now, I know he's full of bologna. His wallet wasn't really stolen, he just doesn't manage his money well and so needs money.

(to be) full of bologna - Usage:


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(to be) full of bologna - Gerund Form:

Being full of bologna, nobody believed the politician.

(to be) full of bologna - Examples:

1)  It seems all too many people who call themselves scientists are so full of bologna they could turn Mars into a methane farm; ...

2)  Timothy, you are full of bologna and it shows. Your word games and silly challenges lack merit of any kind ...

3)  ... stuff for free; so obviously the ones that charge money are all full of bologna?

4)  A lot of bologna -- the statement is mostly inaccurate but contains elements of truth. Full of bologna -- the statement is completely inaccurate.

5)  Bacon-cancer link full of bologna, producers say ...

6)  Don't let the restaurant industry and the Chamber of Commerce feed you misinformation. Their claims are full of bologna.

7)  ... like they have and start winning out of nowhere would seem pretty strong evidence that you're full of bologna with that hokie old wives tale.

8)  “I think he is full of bologna,” Hunter told The Blaze in an interview, choosing his words carefully. “He lives in a house of mirrors where reality ...

9)  It was just too complicated to explain and I got the feeling that he thought I was full of bologna and merely defending the industry.

10)  Cruz finds himself in a bind, trying to convince voters that Marco Rubio is full of bologna as he accuses the Texas senator of flip-flopping on the ...

11)  As usual, Ramos is full of bologna. Exactly what human rights are being violated? Ever notice no one ever names the purported right claimed to ...

12)  Some people will listen to Alan Pratt and say he is full of bologna. Alan Pratt: "I channel spirit. Voices speak through me, and it is not my own ...

13)  ... the company has some amazing secret up its sleeve. It's also possible the article is full of bologna. That's probably the most likely scenario.

14)  Unless the dude enlisted when he was in kindergarten, somebody's full of bologna.

15)  Kelly is so full of bologna, who cares what he says?

16)  By now, everyone knows that you have an agenda which is why your articles and your faux outrage, criticism are full of bologna.

17)  And I told him he was full of bologna. That was just a bunch of college kids, don't pay attention to it.

18)  Honestly, I could tell that this story was full of bologna. How do you "accidentally" kill your best friend?

19)  ... you "believe" they are "only the tip of the iceberg"? You've only listed four names out of tens-of-thousands of athletes. You're full of bologna.

20)  You are full of bologna. You can only trick people using the same shtick so many times.