to gain ground

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - gain ground

"to gain ground"

to progress, advance, or become more important or popular


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - gain ground

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How are sales of our new product doing?

Colleague 2: They are looking good. Sales started slowly but we have gone from last place in the market to challenging the number three brand.

Colleague 1: Excellent to hear that we are gaining ground.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - gain ground

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Do you still think that the political candidate you prefer is going to win the election?

Friend 2: At this point, I feel very confident of a victory.

Friend 1: Why do you say that?

Friend 2: My candidate has gained significant ground over his opponents during the last two weeks. In fact, he is now the front-runner.

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to gain ground - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,093   click for frequency by country

to gain ground - Gerund Form:

Gaining ground on the competition, the new product moved from the number eight spot to number two in the market.

to gain ground - Examples:

1)  Mormons are fast gaining ground now given their enormous contributions to the conservative political movement, both in funding opposition ...

2)  They are even gaining ground among millionaires, accounting for somewhere between 37 and 50 percent of American millionaires.

3)  ... but Android has been gaining ground with each new release.

4)  ... reduce the cost of carbon-free energy. While our effort has slowly been gaining ground, I only hope that it happens fast enough to save us from ourselves.

5)  Whether we're gaining ground or not, if we're winning games, we know we put our best ...

6)  Research shows the language gaining ground, although it hasn't cracked the top 20. JavaScript and Java remain top ...

7)  Tea is gaining ground over coffee. Even Starbucks is bucking up its tea menu. 

8)  It will appear that Mittsey is catching up, gaining ground and coming into his own now that the primaries are over.

9)  Penn State's offense was still gaining ground and producing points.

10)  ... but when it comes to the platform of choice, the web is gaining ground rapidly while other sectors are losing. 

11)  ... believes features like these are major reasons why Google+ will gain ground in the social networking stakes.

12)  ... however, with a race as close as this one, no opportunity to gain ground should be overlooked.

13)  Additionally, youth bowling is continuing to gain ground and our sport is back on the rise.

14)  While stocks continued to gain ground up until August 2009, it has been in a steady decline since.

15)  Ebooks will continue to gain ground, but I would say that we have at least 5-10 years before ebooks make ...

16)  We have gained ground in the recovery field and must persevere in ensuring that all survivors continue to have ...

17)  His once trackless campaign gained ground and his fortunes rose in the polls. 

18)  ... been chasing for about 10 km started walking. Each time I'd gained ground on him previously, he had taken back his lead almost right away. 

19)  On average, and by almost any measure, Americans have gained ground economically over time. 

20)  ... but it's a defensive victory. The people have not gained ground, only avoided losing ground.